The Waiting Game

Throughout the day, HarryPotter, as promised, sent me regular texts regarding Boobs movements. Pretty much, she stayed in her office with the door closed. HarryPotter remotely went into her office emails. (Wow, I had no idea you could do this. From now on, any job I have, I’ll keep private emails for home. Who knows who’s looking at your inbox.) He said that her emails were predominately work related, and there was nothing regarding the ‘scandal’ being written.

However, he did say she spent a good deal of the day on the phone, but he couldn’t hear what she was saying as she kept the door shut. Hopefully, this is a sign she’s been talking to the police and Home Office. I haven’t heard back from the fraud squad (I left them a message yesterday). I probably should call them back, but first I kind of want to see what Boobs does.

HarryPotter left the office just after Boobs, he said he followed her in his car. Keeping his distance. Wow, he’s really getting into this whole detective thing as well. To be honest, it’s kind of fun. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m in the shit and Goatee is the world’s biggest arse, this would be a right good adventure. Anyway, she went and got her kids after care, then went home. So, looks like Boobs is acting normal. And really, would she go on the lamb with a husband and kids? That just wouldn’t make sense.

HarryPotter came home with a couple of pizzas and some beer, and we settled down to tea in front of the telly. I said that I’d really miss this, just hanging out. And he said he would too, that it ‘will be weird when you’re gone.’

We started talking. I asked what he would do if MNM went under. I mean, it must be a possibility. Two editors stealing money, the company’s in the red, it’s not a good situation. HarryPotter just shrugged and said, ‘Get another job. What else could I do?’

He’s got a point. So, I said, ‘What if money weren’t the issue. What if you could just pick up and do anything?’

He thought for a moment and said that he’d travel. He did a bit of inter-railing around Europe after Uni, but not much. Plus the Continent hardly counts as proper travelling. We talked about all the places both of us would like to go: the trans-Siberian railway, the Orient express, safaris in Africa, back packing through Nepal, hitch hiking around Australia, and of course, there’s my dream road trip across America. Before we knew it he and I had our travel plans sussed and an itinerary made. It’s so much fun to plan a holiday when the reality of money doesn’t come into the equation.

We eventually turned our discussion back to Britain and back to Scotland in general. He asked if I could see myself living here, and I said, ‘Yes. But of course, it’ll all depends on jobs.’

Then I asked if he’d ever consider living in England, and he said ‘Yes. But of course, it all depends on jobs.’

Then he asked the question. The question I knew had been going through his mind, but he was afraid to ask, ‘What did you see in Goatee?’

At this point I don’t know. I really couldn’t see Goatee clearly any longer. My image of him had been distorted for so long, I really didn’t know. But maybe this distortion was good, because what came out of my mouth was fairly honest, more honest than I’d ever been with myself. I said, ‘He paid attention to me. And well, at first, the sex was amazing.’

Not the best of reasons, but truthful. I thought HarryPotter would get nervous about the ‘sex’ part of the answer, but he didn’t. Instead, he asked why the sex was so good, and I told him. Then before I knew it we were having a really frank and strange discussion about sex. What we liked, our types, and who we’d lost our virginity to.

The discussion was getting really heated, and it was – to be honest – making me a bit horney for HP. The discussion needed to stop, or else it was going to get really weird and awkward. So, I said that I was tired and wanted to go to bed.

I’m in my room just now, but I can hear him still in the lounge watching telly. Part of me, a really little small part of me, doesn’t want to get this job with the agent. I want to stay here in Glasgow. But that would be silly. I need a job, and a job with an agency is a fantastic opportunity. Life sure does suck when you can’t have everything you want.

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