No Longer the Intern, Now I’m the Staff

What’s got two thumbs and a job? This guy!

I’m at the coffee shop just now using the free wi-fi, and the agent’s just left. I am so excited that I have to tell someone. I got the position.

Here’s the info on the job. The agency has a branch in Paris, and the agent has been offered a new job as Director of Foreign Rights for their Continental division. She’s handing most of her clients to the other agents at the London agency, but they need someone to take up the slack around the office.

She said that there’s an office administrative assistant, so I won’t be doing any more invoices, and paper work, and other secretarial drudgery. I’ll help out with general agency duties like working with authors and maybe even a little editing consultation, but mostly I’ll be doing events. Generally, I’ll cover all the odds and ends that the other agents won’t have time to deal with. I can’t believe how lucky I’ve gotten.

It gets even better. The job doesn’t start until 1 August, so I have over four months before I have to move back to London. After last night, I’m thinking that maybe I’ll stay in Glasgow – in HarryPotter’s flat. Maybe see if I can find a job in the mean time. I know I had a problem finding employment over Christmas, but now I can work during the day. So, I shouldn’t have a problem finding something, even if it’s just working at the pub.

I almost forgot to tell you about the interview. First, the agent couldn’t be lovelier. I’d met her before, and she put on no pretence. We talked about publishing, my thoughts on epublishing and publishing in the future, my ideas for author exposure, and my background volunteering at the book festival down south. It wasn’t an interview; it was more of a discussion.

Right before she left to go to her next appointment, she said, ‘Of course, you’ll have to meet with everyone else in the office. But you’ve met some of them before, and your references are impeccable. Everyone at [MNM] said you are incredibly sharp and we’d be lucky to have you. So meeting everyone else at the office would just be a formality.’

I was completely taken back, so I said, ‘Didn’t you talk to the references I sent?’

She said she had spoken with MyAuthor and my old boss, but as she assumed that I would have sent over references from MNM, she rang Boobs and Goatee the day she sent me the email asking if I’d meet her for lunch. It wasn’t until after she spoke with Boobs and Goatee that she received my other references – which she happily rang out of professionalism.

I tentatively stated, ‘I just thought you’d like someone other than [MNM]. But well, I’m glad that’s all sorted.’ And I tried to change the subject.

But she said, ‘Yes, they both speak so highly of you. And, I’ll be honest; your history with [Goatee] is common knowledge in the publishing industry. Very small pond, so I was prepared to take anything he said with a grain of salt, but he couldn’t have spoken more highly of you. I’m very impressed.’

Wow, I can’t believe Boobs gave me a good reference after all that shite she said about not giving me a reference until I leave. What’s she like. And I certainly can’t believe Goatee gave me such a good reference! I can’t believe that he…wait, of course he gave me a good reference. He was about to abscond with MNM money and blame it on me. He was probably feeling guilty.

I didn’t say anything about the sacking, and since the British publishing industry is a small pond, I’m still a bit worried that this will come back to bite me in the arse. But I just couldn’t find the right time to bring it up. So, I left it be.

Let’s just hope that everything’s sorted in the next few days, then the sacking will be a non-issue. Well, I’d better go ring HarryPotter and tell him the good news.

Cheero. I have a job!

14 responses to “No Longer the Intern, Now I’m the Staff

  1. This is so huge. Congrats on the job. If you’ve got four months to kill come out here. It will only cost you a Ryanair Flight. You can crash with me and I’ll feed you. Please please please. I think a few months lounging about Italy is the way to go.

  2. You my girl do always land on your feet. Well done on the job. But fuck Italy, come stay with me for a few months. Its cheep as chips out here. Won’t cost you a thing. I’ll loan you the dosh for a plane ticket. I miss you loads, and you’d love it here. Seriously, think about it. Not that I don’t love you loads Bets, but please, can I have her?

  3. Hello been reading your blog for a little while; I genereally don’t comment however there has been very strange dejavu with your entry today.

    I generally get emails about new updates by blogs being updated and for some reason this entry although many details have been changed was blogged on Sunday, followed by another entry saying you were checking if you had been hacked??

    Has something happened to your blog?

  4. Betsy and Sarah. Have you seen my latest post? I have an idea. I’ll email you.

  5. Eeep a whole lot of drama here, but glad you sorted out the problem and Well done on the job!

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