I’ve decidedly made a plan

Woke up this morning when I heard HarryPotter shuffling about the house. He was in the kitchen, one sock on, half closed bathrobe over a t-shirt and a pair of boxer shorts, and his hair was all matted on one side. He had a few days stubble across his face, and he was drinking orange juice from the carton. I giggled to myself because he looked so wonderful.

I asked him what his plans were for the day; he jumped, caught his breath and said, ‘Don’t sneak up on me like that.’

He wiped the milk off his face, and I asked him to take the day off. I wanted to go about and see Glasgow. I’d been here six months, and I’d hardly seen any of it. Plus, I wanted to talk to him. Really, really talk to him. I had so much to decide.

He said that with everything that was going on at MNM, he should probably go into the office this morning. Just to find out what the situation is, but he’d take the afternoon off, so we planned to meet at the café for lunch. He was off to get ready for work, and I went back to bed. No need to be up so early.

But I couldn’t fall back asleep, so instead I did what everyone who’s got a lot to think about does, I went on the internet.  I had an idea in mind about what I wanted to do, but I needed more info. (It’s not like I wasn’t persuaded by all the helpful suggestions. 🙂 ) I did some searches; I looked at some blogs, and I went on some forums. I was getting a clear idea in my head, so I looked up some more details and it was possible.

So, I just had a few people to contact and I had to confirm a few things. I sent some emails and some messages, and I Skyped a few people for advice. I’ve gotten a few email replies and an FB message in return. 

I’ve decided. I know exactly what I want to do. Now, I just need to talk to HarryPotter.

It’s so obvious. I can’t wait to talk to him. I am so excited. Well, I’d better get ready. I’m meeting him in about an hour. He is going to think this is the best idea.


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