All is right with the blogging-world

Obviously, haven’t had time lately to check the bloggesphere, but had a bit of a wait today so I’ve wandered over to the internet cafe planning to fire off a quick email home. Instead, ended up checking out my old haunts—you know, all my favourite blogs, the ones I used to check daily. (Emofalltrades, Another Day Another Face, Barbie Ruined My Life, Let Me Just Say It, Alitareads and that blog that makes me feel like someone’s taken my DNA and cloned me as a Mancunian au pair in Paris, LeftBancManc. Oh, and so don’t get mad if your blog isn’t listed, but I’m just running out of time here.)

Anyway, it makes me all a tingle to know that they’re out there (you’re out there?) posting. All’s right with the world. Like even though I’m in some sort of alternate gap universe, everything else good goes on. Like — even when your travel partner gets her passport and credit cards knicked and you have to waste three days travelling to the Embassy — the Girls of the Bloggesphere still go on. Nice.

7 responses to “All is right with the blogging-world

  1. emofalltrades

    Did your travel partner get her passport and credit cards knicked??!? Are y’all okay now?? Anyway, glad I can be part of the Girls of the Bloggesphere that reassures you. You do the same for me and I hope your travels are safe, happy and fun (in that order).

    • Yeah silly girl. We went swimming and left our stuff on the beach. In fact, everything got stollen. However, I didn’t bring my passport, credit cards and all my money to the beach like she did. I left the important stuff at the hotel. So a trek to get her stuff sorted thwarded the holiday. But in hindsight it was a right good adventure all the same. Oh, and had a chance to read your blog today, love the article on the Tennessee Williams cookbook. So cool.

  2. Oi… I imagine when you went off looking for adventure in the world, dealing with the Embassy and whatnot may not have been in the plans. >.< Hopefully all has been worked out and you're on your way again!

    Oh… and *blushes* at the mention. Aw, shucks. ^.^

  3. ugh what a set back on the trip to have to spend your days at the Embassy. Hope it’s all gotten sorted out!! Glad to hear from you and be included in the Girls of the Bloggesphere. Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  4. Thanks loads. Just left a massive comment on your blog. Sorry for rambling. Hope you’re having a good holiday as well.

  5. Left Bank Manc

    Haha I’m glad you checked in on my blog, please keep up the random travelling blogs, I’m so jealous of your worldwide adventures!!!

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