From Sydney with Love

Left all the confusion of Thailand behind, and I’ve been in Australia for about a week, arriving in Australia. I absolutely love this place. It’s really new and shiny and super clean, but there’s statues of British monarchs and war heroes and such. It feels like Britain but on holiday. D0es that make sense? Probably not.

Oh, and there’s ginormous bats everywhere. It’s Britain on a beach holiday with giant bats. I was walking through the Botanic Gardens, and there was all this squawking. I look up and there are thousands of dog-sized bats hanging in the trees. Kind of freaked me out.

Anyway, my hosts GoateeSon and GoateeSon’s Wife are amazing people (who I need to come up with names for because calling them ‘GoateeSon’ and ‘GoateeSon’s Wife’ is a bit weird). They’ve both had to work during the day, so I’ve had to make my way about on my own, but Sydney is such an easy place to get around that it hasn’t been a problem. My hosts’ network of friends are so cool. They live in this little bohemian part of the city near the bridge, and the houses all have balconies and are painted bright colours.

After work everyone (all of GoateeSon’s social group) gets together for a glass of wine or beer. There’s loads of ex-pats around here, but the locals mix in as well. People are so friendly, everyone is in and out of each other’s house. I don’t want to leave. If I didn’t have a job waiting for me in London, I would definately immagrate here.

Although I do have to leave…tomorrow.  I’m up to Brisbane. Which, from what GoateeSon says, is a city that doesn’t get enough recognition. He highly recommended it, so that’s my next port of call.

So, why do I HAVE to leave? Because fucking Goatee’s turned up. He hasn’t been out to this part of the world to see his son in over a decade and he fucking turns up now. Pretty much unannounced. Claims he had holiday to take and completely forgot I was here. Yeah, for someone with a grown son and a grandchild he can act like such a douche. You know, it’s not like I’ve really got anything against him. I’ve moved past all that. And it’s been good seeing him because I have absolutely no feelings for him whatsoever. And if he hadn’t turned up I probably would have spent the entirety of my Australia trip in Sydney. So, granted, I should see some more of the country. Plus Goatee gave me the gossip on MNM:

NFEditor has been indicted. (I don’t know if that means she’s in jail or if she’s going to trial. I should look that up and I felt too stupid to ask.)

Boobs is pregnant. Yeah. Can you believe that?!?!?!

Goatee doesn’t like the new editor from home office that’s replaced NFEditor. He says the new editor is trying to push the imprint into a global market and rely less on local sales. I asked if that meant they were going to completely ignore the local market? (For the record, people in Scotland will buy anything about Scotland.) Goatee said that there was now going to be two focuses: local AND global. Personally, I think Goatee probably doesn’t like this guy because Goatee is lazy as fuck and shit at his job, and NewEditor has probably sussed that out.

Goatee didn’t bring up HarryPotter and I didn’t ask. I should have asked. I wanted to ask. But, well, I didn’t feel that it was appropriate.

Well, I need to get off to bed. It’s getting late and I’ve got a plane to catch tomorrow. Plus, GoateeSon has been kind enough to let me use his laptop, and I don’t want to hog it. Hope all is well with everyone in the bloggosphere.


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