Gap Summers Suck

We’ve been out in the middle of no where New Zealand. Pete and I were doing the alone in a cabin in the woods thing. He came up with the idea because he’s all Daniel Boonish, but I’m running out of money so staying in a remote location with no pubs and no way to spend money sounded brill. Oh, and I thought it sounded romantic and all that.

But I’ve discovered something about myself… I’m a British country-type girl. A cute cottage covered in ivy, a couple minutes walk from a pub lunch and a bus stop up the road. That’s my kind of country side roughing it. Yeah, this whole having to drive to see another person, absolutely nothing to do but stare at dirt, a rabid animal could get me when I go outside, and the weather is worse than a British winter, kind of country living. Totally not my thing.

We finally left the cabin and the first thing I heard about was Amy Winehouse. (I don’t have internet on my phone, and Pete’s probably the only person on earth other than me without a smart phone.) I couldn’t believe it. I mean, not like I’m surprised, but I’m still shocked. I guess it’s like when a terminally ill relative dies. You know its coming but it doesn’t make it any less sad.

So, we’re back in Oamaru, and I’m seriously out of money.  Pete’s got a young person’s/holiday work visas for here and Australia, but he hasn’t used them yet. He’s suggested that I get one, and we can work for a few months. If that doesn’t pan out I’m supposed to be heading to the States on my round-the-world ticket fairly soon anyway. I’ll just have to mooch off Rich for a while. (Yeah, Rich I know you’re reading this. Clean off your sofa, I’m coming.)

Pete and I are going to go see the final Harry Potter film tonight. Yes, I’m weeks behind anyone else. And if I was in the UK I would have been there on the opening night. But, Pete’s not into the whole Harry Potter thing and well, as I said, I was living in the woods.

To be honest, I’m really bummed. Amy Winehouse dies and HarryPotter is over (aka my childhood has officially ended). And I’m stuck on the other side of the world from everyone who’s important to me. All I can say is ‘gap summers suck’.


6 responses to “Gap Summers Suck

  1. I really loved the last Harry Potter film. It’s emotional to say the least, and I also felt like my childhood was coming to a close. Kind of dramatic way to look at it, but we really did grow up with the characters. How I wish there was such a thing as Hogwarts.

    And I don’t blame you for not being a “living in the woods” kind of girl. Camping in a tent for a week is about all I can handle. After that it’s time for a legit shower and a meal that does not consist of using one pan on the world’s tiniest skillet.

    Hope your trip gets better and enjoy your time in the States!


    • Thanks for the comment. Yeah, it’s nice to hear that I’m not the only one feeling so emotional about the Harry Potter film. Also good to hear that I’m not a big pansy wimp for not likeing the woods, and that other perfectly normal women prefer a shower and a proper meal.

  2. Left Bank Manc

    Sorry to hear you are feeling a bit grim, I know what you mean about Harry Potter, but have you heard about Pottermore? J.K is creating a website that she has promised will keep the magic alive for fans…

  3. Oamaru! That certainly was a random place to spend your time in New Zealand. I realise I am a year behind but I have only just caught up on your blog – I love it! Anyway, from a fan in New Zealand, I hope it got better while you were here. It is a pretty wicked country really.

  4. Yeah, Oamaru was not my idea. I mean, it was cool and something new to do. But not my first choice. But, yeah I did really dig New Zealand. I’d love to go back. Of course the landscape was amazing, but the people are even cooler. The culture is like the West Country of the UK meets the Wild West of America. Really amazing people who are up for anything but in a totally laid back way. And thanks for getting caught up on the blog. Nice to have a new follower.

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