First hangover on home turf

Raging hangover. First night out in UK in seven months. First time I’ve seen M in over a year. Since working in the city, D has found the most mental places to go out in London. Was out all night, just got back on the first train in the morning. CRAZY, CRAZY TIMES! Trying to sleep, but mum’s just dropped a bombshell…starting Monday I’m coming to work in her shop for the Christmas season. Need the money, and have no job until January (or so I’m hoping I have a job waiting for me in January), but the thought of living with mum then spending the day working with her makes my hangover even worse. And she didn’t even bring me a cuppa when she threw open the curtains and told me the news. Arrrggggghhhh! Why’d I come back to the England?


4 responses to “First hangover on home turf

  1. That’s quite the welcome back home, isn’t it? Sounds like it was a good night out! Doesn’t sound like the hangover and news went quite as well. O.o Then again, if you were able to survive your internship, I have every faith you can survive this, too! Hopefully it will just be for a couple months, and then you’ll be off to do something more up your alley. Is it at least a fun kind of shop to work in? Customers to keep you busy and such?

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