Back to being a working girl

Just now home from my first day at work in eight months. So, so very, very knackered. It really doesn’t help matters that Friday night was a grand slam drink fest around Shoreditch, and then we started again on Saturday night for local bonfire festivities. I spent Sunday hunkered under a duvet on the sofa catching up on UK t.v. omni busses.

To be honest, despite being really exhausted and still jet lagged, I’m quite happy I’ve got work to look forward to everyday. Not only is the money much appreciated, but I’ve been on the go for over half a year, and I’m finding this whole being in one place thing quite weird. Having a job to go to might be the best way to ease me back into the life of a non-nomad.

The only down side is that I’m working with mum. She is being super annoying. It’s like she thinks I’m twelve and I can’t sort out my day, or even my life for that matter.

‘Do you have clean clothes for work.’ ‘Have you talked to the people about the job in the new year?’ ‘Are you staying with me or moving out?’ ‘Why didn’t you save any money and not spend it all travelling?’ ‘Have you called your father?’ ‘You can’t go out every night. You’re not on holiday any longer.’ Blah, blah, blah. Yap, yap, yap. She is seriously doing my head in.

On the good side, mum works in a gift shop in the city centre (Or, I guess, I can now say ‘I work in a gift shop’), and her boss is really lovely. I’ve been scheduled three days during the week and the weekends. During the week I work in the stock room, and I’m on the shop floor on the weekends. Happily, mum doesn’t work on weekends and she doesn’t go into the stock room much; so, thanks to this handy schedule, time spent with mum is limited. Plus, I’ll get trained on the till and such this weekend, which is great because I was terrified mum would have to train and supervise me at work. Which would no go smoothly, and I know would be like the time she tried to teach me to sew. It would only end in snot, tears and fingers covered in blood.

However, I don’t have an entire day mum free as she wants to spend all her tea and lunch breaks with me. Oh god it’s miserable. More nagging. And when she’s not nagging, she’s asking inane questions like, ‘So, how was your trip dear?’ ‘Did you have fun?’ ‘Did you make new friends?’

Oh my god. I spent the better part of the year travelling around the world, how am I supposed to reduce that to a fifteen minute chat on tea break? God she’s so annoying.

Right, on another positive note, I got a text from ol HP today. We’re going to talk tonight. I’m so excited. I haven’t talked to him since…well, since the day I left Glasgow. CRAZY right!

Most likely, it will be kind of weird, but I can’t wait to tell him all about my trip. Every single detail. So really, even if it is awkward, that’s okay because I’ll just yammer on about my travels. All’s sorted.


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