The Saturday Girls

Work was a good laugh today. There’s three of us who work weekends, and we were slammed all day — the start of the Christmas rush. (Wow, I can’t believe Christmas is nearly here. I know everyone says that, but really, Christmas? I’m working a holiday shop job, and I still can’t believe I need to think about presents and shopping and all that who-ha. Anyway…)

Even though we were super busy, my two coworkers were kind and patient training me on the till and shop floor (despite the massive queues my ineptitude created).

I work with a woman who’s probably in her mid twenties and has two little girls.  She shall now be called ShopMum. Her husband works during the week, and she does the childcare. Then on the weekends it’s his turn to be a babysitter. Holy crap. I just realised something. ShopMom is only three years older than me, and she’s got two little girls (one’s just started school) and a husband. This means that when she was my age she had a baby on the way and a toddler and a husband. I simply can’t get my head around this. Yeah, yeah. I’ve had the whole family fantasy, and I have a habit of looking at boyfriends as potential baby givers. But shit, I can barely fend for myself, well honestly, there’s no ‘barely’ about it. I can’t fend for myself at all. Imagine if I had other lives who were reliant on me for their wellbeing. Okay, kind of freaking myself out and bumming myself out all at the same time. Happy that I don’t have to worry about Mum-type responsibilities, but also kind of annoyed at myself for being totally inept.

Anyway, another stream of conscious digression. Sorry about that.

The other girl I work with is doing her A Levels and works weekends. She’s really cool and very chatty. I think I could get on with her quite well. In fact, she asked me loads about Uni, my placement last year, and my travels. Dare I say it? I could b a role model for ALevel. Well, I could be a role model if I weren’t so inept at the basics like sorting out housing, food, and normal relationships.

But it was a fairly good day. Quite knackered though, as trodding up and down the shop floor is bloody exhausting. So it’s a Saturday night in a warm bath, a cuppa, and loads of telly for me.

 PS-I don’t know if I like the fact we’re called ‘Saturday Girls’. Not only does this job title seem kind of sexist, but also diminutive – like we’re less capable staff because we work weekends. The place is busier on a Saturday than it was during the week, and there’s less staff. How about Weekend Women? Or even better, Weekend Retail Staff. I think being in America where people aren’t ‘Waitresses’ but ‘Servers’, and the suffix ‘men’ has been take off most titles (aka Chairman has become Chair or Chief Executive) has had a positive effect on me. I know a lot of people will say, ‘It’s just a name’, but I am not a ‘girl’. I’m a woman who works in a shop on the weekend (and, technically, during the week as well). NO, I’m a PERSON who works in a shop. From now on, I  will only be known as Retail Officer and Customer Liaisonist.

2 responses to “The Saturday Girls

  1. Hrmph. I’ll be thirty on my next birthday. I’ve only been married a couple years, and we’re not itching to get the kid thing going in the real near future. *Shakes head* I’d say there’s nothing wrong with where you’re at. I mean, if you had kids and all that, you wouldn’t have had the same internship opportunity (can I call it that?), or the chance to do all that travelling. Why not take the time to do all that? There’s no rush so far as I can tell. (Oddly enough, all the family that called me an old maid for not being married earlier take my view now, too! Pity they already had kids and couldn’t take it back… =P)

    Working in retail during the holidays is quite the hectic thing! The only good thing I’ve ever had out of it was a boatload of overtime. Lol. I’m glad to see you have such a cool crew to work with on the weekends, though. ^.^ And that’s some interesting insight into the “Saturday Girls” title. I can’t imagine I would like it much, either.

    • Hi SkyddsDrake. You are such a supportive person, and always good advice. Yes, why do we always rush these things? We should go at our own pace in life, and try to enjoy it as we go. Maybe my next blog should be called ‘The Happy Old Maid’.

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