Just Say ‘No’ to Introspection

After a knackering week at work, I had my day off. I got up crazy early this morning to Skype with Pete; then afterwards I promptly crawled back into bed where I stayed until just now.

Pete really is a wonderful person. He’s interesting and such an easy person to talk to. I miss him so much. Or, I think I miss him.

As I lay in my bed after our chat, I didn’t really think about him, I thought about travelling. And then it dawned on me, do I miss Pete, or do I miss what Pete represents? Time without the stresses of everyday life – travelling.

To be honest, I think two months in America has made me a little too introspective. I have to remember, I’m back inBritain. Best not to mull over why I miss my fella. Instead, deal with things the English way, push it aside and get drunk. And that’s what I’m doing tonight. I’m off work tomorrow, so M and I are hitting the local, and I’m in a mood for shooters.


2 responses to “Just Say ‘No’ to Introspection

  1. Pushing things aside and getting drunk works pretty well in the U.S., too! 🙂

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