Those Crafty Spammers

Blogs get spam in the comments just like email, and if you’re on a good blog-ish-thingy (I don’t know what the term is for sites that host blogs like WordPress and Blogger) they’ll catch the spam and put it in a spam folder. Just like email. Usually the spam is some poorly written ramble in which they try to sell you Ug boots. Also, just like legit comments, they link back to another site, but spam comments link to a website that will refinance your house and sell you Viagra.

However, the spam creators are getting clever. Gone are the days in which spam is noted by its pure gibberishness. Now the comments are personalised about your site, disguised as legit in an attempt to not be automatically binned. Well, I say they’re personalised – sort of. These spam jobs don’t necessarily apply to the post. Well, they’re personalised, they just simply have nothing to do with the post or my blog.

Here are four clever spams I received recently and deleted:

Attempted to cmment on In Search of New Writing

I do not even understand how I stopped up here, however I assumed this submit used to be great. I do not recognise who you’re but certainly you’re going to a well-known blogger when you are not already . Sorry for bad English Cheers from India!

I particularly like this one because he/she acknowledges the bad English and tries to cover up for the fact that it’s spam.

Attempted to comment on It’s Been How Long

My son had been bullied in the same school, and when he tried to report it to teachers, they did nothing. My response? I told him to beat the living piss out of one of them and it would stop. It is a shame that we have to go to this level in society today. Administrators will not do anything, parents are criminalized if they attempt to do something, and even our children face assault charges if they defend themselves. Bravo to the American Public School System.

I find this one quite clever because they talk about bullying. Perhaps the thought process is ‘They’ll never delete a post about something as sensitive as bullying.’ Or perhaps it’s a spammer with bullying issues.

Attempt to comment on The Saturday Girls

When we started out, our sex life was on fire. We’d literally spend an entire day in bed on the weekends. Then along came number one and the sex went away, I tried to explain that it was important to our relationship, and now that we had a child I wasn’t about to walk out, but nothing I could say or do would improve anything.

If you read my post it’s about gender and work titles. Perhaps the phrase Saturday Girls conjures ideas of sexual problems for some people.

Also attempted to comment on Saturday Girls

What a great idea! Thanks for sharing that with us. Just curious, this may be inappropriate, but where was your Mom? A 60th birthday seems like a big milestone to miss. It is non of our (espcially my) business, just odd to see a family post from you without a mention of your mom. Perhaps I missed something.

Perhaps they missed something? Perhaps I missed something. My mother’s 60th birthday???? What? This is awfully specific for a spam.

Now, if it had the wherewithal and wasn’t so knackered after a day in the stock rooms, these spam posts would make great writing prompts. Start a short story with one of the above spams and see where it takes you.

Unfortunately, as I said, I’m too tired to be bothered with all that, but if anyone else wants to have a go please be my guest. Just let me know how your short story came out.

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