Drink-emailing, the silent killer

I regressed last night. I hate to admit it, but it happened. I had thought I matured. A bit of living away from home, a bit of travel, a serious job offer on the horizon, all experiences making me much more wise and self-aware. I thought I had learned from my silly past mistakes, I am now a grown-up who is impervious to over-emotional childish instincts.

I was woefully wrong.

M and I went out last night with a couple of his mates, and as I don’t have to work today, I got totally blot-toed. I currently have a raging headache, but even worse is that I have physical proof of my immature idiocy. I drunk emailed last night.

After stumbling into the house I wanted to talk to Pete, but we only Skype and that’s something we have to set-up in advance since he doesn’t have readily available internet. So, here’s what I emailed him:

Hello my lovely darling Canadian hunky monster. I miss you so much and I can’t believe we aren’t in the same country any more and soon enough we wont even be on the same continent. I am truly troubled by this because how is our relationship to continue with an ocean between us. I miss you so much and I wish I was still travelling with you. FML Set up a Skype for me today I so want to talk to you.

I completely forgot about this email until I woke up and found this email:

I can be on Skype by 10am your time. I miss you too.

Being as I slept until one o’clock, I missed the Skype meeting, which is absolutely fine because I really didn’t even know Pete and I were in a relationship. I really thought it was in the ‘it’s complicated’ category. And am I ‘troubled’? Not really. Yeah, I miss him, like in a ‘he gets me’ sort of a way. And I love our Skype chats, and he’s really great. But holy shit, that ridiculous needy gibberish email has just opened a can of worms I really do not want to deal with. I’ve got enough on my plate with trying to decide about moving to Dundee. I don’t have the energy to worry about a long distance relationship. Or, so I thought. I guess it would be different if he lived in Britain, but he doesn’t. So, why would I go send an email like that?

And now I’ve got to email him to appologise for missing the Skype call, and explain away my ludicrously drunk behaviour. Shit, I am the biggest, most immature idiot when I drink. When will I learn?

5 responses to “Drink-emailing, the silent killer

  1. I believe you did a bit more than drunk-emailing. Check the dialled numbers on your mobile.

  2. You must also not remember hitting on my friend Jake then when he told you he had a girlfriend you got right angry and stormed off home. I forgot what a nightmare you can be when you’re drunk. But watching you storm off like a melodramatic duck with your feet flapping everywhere was a right laugh. Don’t worry we were laughing with you not at you.

  3. Oh, my dear… I know the “we all do it at some point” line isn’t terribly comforting, but I certainly remember my adventures into this territory. Fortunately I look back on it now with some humor. At that point? Not so much… The worst part was always when others’ feeling got hurt in the tangle. =/

    It can be lived down, I assure you. Best thing I ever did for myself, though, was cut back (dramatically!) on drinking when I was feeling anything less than happy, content and settled. May not be a very fun perspective, but it did keep me out of further rough spots. Once I finally did it. It took awhile. Lots and lots of mishaps… >.> Forgiving friends are awesome people to have, though. That’s for sure.

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