Even more repercussions

It now gets worse. Evidently, I didn’t just drunk email, I also drunk dialled last night. And, now that the dialling event has been pointed out, I have some fuzzy memories.

As you can see by his comment, I drunk dialled HP last night. I, and this I now remember, chastised him for ‘missing out on the best thing that would ever come into his life’. So, not only am I an immature moron when I’m drunk, I’m incredibly vein.

Truly, no more drinking, because evidently I DO NOT LEARN.


3 responses to “Even more repercussions

  1. No more drinking right now doesn’t mean no more drinking ever. Ouch, though. *Winces*

  2. Girl, I’ve so been there and done that. Don’t beat yourself up so much! But yeah, drinking can be the devil!

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