I got the flat

I got the flat! I’m moving to Dundee! Yippie, I got the flat.

They called me on the mobile just as I was leaving work. The landlords were happy with my application, which means that I was chosen over perfect couple and perfect person. What an ego boost!

But maybe perfect couple and perfect person weren’t that perfect. Perhaps they were actually benefit scroungers and drug addict. Perhaps, I’m just the best of a bad lot. Oh well, I don’t care, because…

I got the flat! Yeahhhh! I’m moving to Dundee, I got the flat.

Holy shit. I got the flat.

Bollocks, I’m moving to Dundee.

I’ve gotten used to the moving to Dundee-thingy. I’ve come to terms with that. But now that I’ve got an offical place to live and this AT5 Form to fill out and send back before I can sign the lease (it’s a Scottish pre-lease-thingy; don’t worry, I researched it and it’s totally normal/legit, so I’m not getting scammed again), then the lease. And I’ve got to get up there with my stuff, all before I start working. Loads and loads to do.

Shite. I got the flat. I’m moving to Dundee!

2 responses to “I got the flat

  1. Congrats on getting the flat! That’s exciting news. Good luck with all the moving and getting settled; I hope it all goes smoothly for you. Hurray for getting the flat!

  2. Many congrats! Wow. That bit kind of makes it all really real, doesn’t it? I hope it’s the start of an uberly amazing chapter for you. ^.^

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