Shit Night Out

Just home from the lamest night out. This was supposed to be my going away party, and, well, essentially, none of my friends gave a shit. Okay, I’ve only got two friends in town, but neither of them gave a shit.

M’s finally got a job, was working all day, and claims to be too shattered from work to go out after. (WTF! He’s never before been too tired to go out on a ‘school night’. Back in the day, he’d work all day, hit the pub after work, stay out all night, and then go straight to work buzzing the next morning.)

D said that she was broke and couldn’t afford to go out because ‘I’ve got to get money together for a London flat by the end of the month’. (She’s moving out of the rent’s house and getting a flat with a friend near work. The way she’s going on about it, it’s like she’s the only person on earth who’s ever moved into a flat. Like I know how expensive it is…I’m moving into a flat too…hell, I’m moving into a flat by myself on the other side of the country.)

So we just went to the pub, and no one really said anything, and no one wanted to drink, and it was dead boring, and I’m actually quite upset because these are my best friends since forever and they aren’t even giving a shit that I’m moving. It was like I was fucking making them go out, and you know what, I’m just not in the mood for this. I’ve got too much to do. Too much to deal with and I just don’t give a shit either.

Good night.

4 responses to “Shit Night Out

  1. Chel. The reason we don’t give a shit is because this is the third time you’ve moved in a year and a half. It’s just become the norm. Plus if I want to get a flat I’ve got to come up with a fuck load of money by the end of Feb so I don’t want to spend all my spares on another going away do for you. Sorry babes. Love you loads but this who moving away thing is just getting old.

  2. I’ve been bloody unemployed for months and I had to work in the morning. I can’t go in hungover just because your moving AGAIN. Just like D said love you loads but we got other shit going on. And its not like we wont see you ever again.

  3. Sorry guys, but honestly my feelings were hurt. I know we had going away parties when we all left August before last, and again when I went on my gap summer, but this one was different. This is permanent. I may not be home for a visit in ages and ages, and it could be years before I get the chance to move back to London. I just wanted a decent send off.

  4. Yeh I get that Chel. But you got to see if from our point of view. Life goes on and we cant have a celebration because youve made some big life decision.

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