A Car Full of My Stuff

Dad just left the house with his car full of my stuff. The whole situation was just awful.
Dad was having a right go at me, ‘I left work early to do this. You could at least be more organised.’ ‘Why do you need to bring so much?’ ‘This won’t all fit in the car.’
I reminded him that the more I brought, the less he’d have to buy me when we got there. To which he responded, ‘I’m putting a cap on the Christmas present. No more than £100. That’s it.’
So, I said, ‘Then, it’s a good thing I’m filling the car.’
He did not take kindly to this, and ordered me to leave some stuff at Mum’s. I dumped a random bin bag and a box in my room. I sincerely hope there’s nothing in there I need. I guess I could have checked to see what was in there first, but I just couldn’t deal with packing and repacking anylonger. So, whatever is in that bag and box, will have to stay there.
And Mum was no help. This is the first time she’s seen Dad in like a hundred years or something, so she stayed in the house acting weird. But Dad got annoyed that she wasn’t helping us put stuff in the car, and he had a go about that. To which she responded, ‘I’ve raised these girls without any help. You can take the burden for once.’
This so did not go over well.
And fucking Katie. Fucking stupid-fuck Katie. She picked tonight to act like an absolute douce. She didn’t tell Mum she was going out, she just left. But no one noticed her leave, because we were packing the car. And when Mum realised she had left, Mum went ape-shit. It took five calls for Katie to pick up her mobile, and I thought Mum’s face was going to explode.
When Mum asked Katie where she was, she would only say, ‘Out.’ But when Katie heard Dad’s voice, she asked to speak to him, and she told Dad where she was. Which right set off Mum. Dad’s gone to pick Katie-up, and she’s staying at the hotel with Dad tonight. Which is totally unfair that Katie gets to lounge about a hotel for the night while I have to listen to Mum go on about how ‘I just don’t know what to do with that girl. If she would only realise her potential. Blah, blah, blah.’ And of course, Katie played-up to Dad like she always does, by telling him that ‘She just needs to be out of the house’ and that she’s ‘not the only daughter in the family’. Oh my god, that right fucked me off. She gets whatever she wants, and she acts like a little cow, and she get’s rewarded with a night at a hotel away from Mum. What a fucking douche.
Mum’s driving me to the hotel in the morning. She’ll pick up Katie, and Dad and I will head up the road. God I cannot wait to get out of this place!

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