Perfect, perfect

HarryPotter’s having a shower, and after an entire day in the flat (definitely not bored) we’re venturing out. I’ve been a right misery guts lately, worrying about the job and the move. Now that I’m here, it’s all so obvious. Without sounding too hippie, dippy… it was all meant to be. HarryPotter and I wanted to be together a year ago*, but living in Glasgow without a job just wasn’t going to work. Plus, I wanted to see the world. I needed to see the world. I’ve gotten all that out of my system now, and Glasgow and Dundee are close enough to see each other regularly, but we won’t be in each other’s pockets. Perfect, perfect.

*Sorry to any newbies to Notes from the Intern who didn’t read the blog a year ago, but it’s a long story that I’m not going to explain. However, if you want to find out who this HarryPotter character is and why I’m so smitten, you’d be better to start from post one.


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