The Perfect Work Environment

My last post got completely away with me (looking for old pictures of Dundee and all) and I forgot to blog about work, which was quite interesting. In fact, it was better than interesting…the big pee-at-work-dilemma has been resolved.

So far, each morning, I knock on the front door. Philip* opens the door, hands me a cuppa and I go through the house and to the office in the back. Well at about 11am-ish on Friday, while Loraine was upstairs, Philip brought someone into the office who started fiddling about with the back door on the conservator. Philip didn’t go back into the rest of the house (as he usually does), but instead was fiddling about in the butler’s pantry/passage that connects the home office to the home kitchen.

After a bit more fiddling, I realised that the man was a locksmith and he was changing the lock on the backdoor, and also adding a proper yale lock to the door between the butler’s pantry/passage and the kitchen.

After the locksmith left, Philip called to me. I stepped into the butler’s pantry/passage to find that he had set up a microwave, a mini-fridge, a kettle, as well as a tray with instant coffee, tea bags and sugar. And just as Loraine came down, Philip handed me a set of keys.

‘Right, so I see she’s sorted,’ was all Loraine said before going through to the office.

‘The keys fit the back door, and we’ll keep the door to the rest of the house locked separately,’ he said. But as soon as he said it, he realised that it sounded like they didn’t trust me, so he stammered quite a lot, apologised in an awkward manner, and attempted to rephrase the statement. 

Luckily, Loraine piped-up from the office, and saved the moment, ‘We didn’t want you to feel uncomfortable or feel like you were responsible for our house when we’re out. This way you can come and go as you please through the back door, and you won’t need access to the kitchen,’ then she came into the new little kitchenette/butler’s pantry/passage and said, ‘It’s now a proper working environment, sorry it’s taken so long.’

I was well chuffed, and I certainly did feel more comfortable; although, it didn’t solve the bathroom issue. Until later in the day when Loraine got up, walked into the kitchenette/butler’s pantry/passage and a moment later I heard a toilet flush. I leaned back to peek through the door, and as it turns out there’s been a toilet on the other side of the wall the whole time. There’s a door in the kitchenette/butler’s pantry/passage – which I thought was just a door to another cupboard – that leads to a small downstairs loo.

I am so very, very happy. A kitchenette, a toilet and a set of keys all in one day. I couldn’t ask for a better work environment!

PS-This has nothing to do with this blog post, but I just have to share. I found the funniest blog: Judi Sunshine. Seriously check it out, because even though she mostly talks about stuff that took place long before I was born on a Continent I still don’t understand, I couldn’t stop laughing.

*I’ve decided to call Loraine’s husband Philip, because he reminds me a bit of a younger version of Price Philip, but without the casual racism of course.


4 responses to “The Perfect Work Environment

  1. Woot! I don’t know how you were doing things without using the restroom. Maybe you have an infinitely stronger bladder than I do, but, still! I can definitely see how it would be VASTLY more comfortable, now.

  2. Thank you so much for linking to me and saying such nice things! You totally made my day. And I’m very happy for you that you have an awesome place to work now! Bathrooms are key 😀

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