Sleep, sleep, sleep

So tired…again. Hoping that blogging will help me focus.

Got home yesterday to find PoshPhD stinking up my flat with her fags. Her mate, CoolTrous*, was babbling on about Occupy [insert city name here], and I just wasn’t in the mood. Not that I’m against the whole Occupy [insert city name here], but I was tired and wanted a cuddle from Pete and a lie down. Neither of which I got.

I walked in the door, they said they’d been waiting for me so we could go out, and off we went.

Burgers at a place called Dukes’ that had really good food, but it was so dark you could barely see what you were eating. (PoshPhD didn’t eat, she just drank red wine until her teeth turned purple.)  Then we went across the road to this place called the Globe, which I quite liked. It was quiet and we could all chat.

I guess PoshPhD isn’t that bad, I just don’t know what she’s on about most of the time. And even when I have no clue about the topic, and have no opinion what so ever, she still manages to get me into the conversation.

I would have been happy staying at that pub, but, unfortunately, the rest of the gang didn’t have the same plans as me. PoshPhD knew of a flat that was having a party, but I just couldn’t manage it. I was sooooo tired.

I said I’d give it a miss, but ‘No, no. Of course I don’t mind if Pete goes. No you go on ahead and enjoy yourself. Blah, blah, blah.’ I didn’t expect him to fucking take me up on the offer.

I came home and flung myself onto the bedtress (a bed that’s nothing but a mattress) and slept the sleep of the dead until about half two in the morning when I woke up to pounding on the door. Not only did Pete need to be let in, but he brought PoshPhD and CoolTrous with him. I went back to sleep, but they stayed up talking and smoking until 5am. I slept intermittently, but not much.

Then today, Pete’s decided that he wants a cheep disposable mobile. So I met him for lunch and we went into town to get him a phone. He said that, evidently, the Student Union is the place to be on a Thursday night, and PoshPhD can sign us in as visitors. So, that’s the plan for tonight.

God I hope I they let me have a disco nap before going out.

*This guy was at her house on Tuesday night was wearing patchwork trousers that belonged much more in the 90s than in 2012. I don’t know if he thought he was being ironic or retro or what, but he looked like a douche. He had the trousers on again today.

PS-Blogging has not helped me focus. I want to sleep, sleep, sleep.


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