Waiting for me at home

I got home last night expecting a flat filled with PoshPhD fag smoke, the sound of Pete’s guitar, and a room full of people talking abstractly.

What I actually found when I got home was a house with lit candles, flowers, a chocolate gateau on the counter top, and champers in the fridge. Plus, he’d gone out and bought a radio and a set of Champaign flutes. Classic FM was playing in the background while Pete made roasted aubergine with pasta and tomato parmesan sauce.

He was humming along to the radio and didn’t notice I’d come in, so when I reached out to hug him he jumped. But he soon grabbed me and said, ‘I’m sorry I’ve been a bit manic. I get full of energy when I hit anew city. But I want to spend this weekend with you.’ And he kissed me. Not a deep long kiss, but a familiar kiss. The kind of kiss you dream about getting at the end of a long hard day.

He said that I should take a bath, and by the time I got out dinner would be ready.

As I soaked in my bath, I was so happy I’d left him the keys while I was away for the day. I was a bit nervous doing so. I had this bad feeling that if I left him the keys, I’d come home and he’d be gone and I’d be locked out. But that gut feeling was completely wrong. He really is such a lovely person.

Last night was magical. We could, finally, talk. Just he and I. No one else’s obtuse comments about ‘the appropriation of reality in the epistolary film’. (That’s PoshPhD’s thesis topic. Still don’t know what it means though.) Pete and I talked about his travels and my job. We talked about Dundee and Canada and people and politics and art and books and life and spirituality and just everything.

And last night, I finally didn’t go to bed alone. I can’t believe I was ever worried about Pete and I. It’s like we’ve picked up where we left off all those months ago in New Zealand.

Today we spent roaming Dundee. I took him to the park with the big hill and the observatory. And we found the other big hill, the one with the Law monolith on it. (The Law monolith has stairs that go nearly all the way up, and my thighs are killing me!) We also found this other park that has a castle in it. The park looks over the city. I can’t believe there’s all these big parks in such a small city. It’s like half the place is green. So far, I really don’t know why everyone calls this place Scumdee. So far, I’m loving it here.

Pete’s decided that he wants to cook dinner again. After months and months of being on the road, he says he’s so happy to be in the kitchen again, and I don’t mind another home cooked meal. He’s out at the shops just now, and I want to do something special for him tomorrow. Maybe I’ll make breakfast in bed. Well, I don’t cook. Maybe I’ll bring him packaged pain au chocolate in bed.


2 responses to “Waiting for me at home

  1. Sometimes when things have gone wrong so man times, it’s hard to believe when they go right. Dundee sounds gorgeous, and Pete sounds phenomenal. I’m glad you had a good day. =)

  2. *so many times (I swear. That was no Freudian slip. I think… >.> )

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