Biking to Broughty Ferry


Not from that…you prev.

Yesterday Pete and I walked up every hill in Dundee. Today we borrowed bikes and rode along the river to a little town called Broughty Ferry. Then on the way back we rode about the city centre and then back uphill to the house.

First, you should see me on a bike. A lot of people say I walk like a duck. My butt swishes back and forth and my feet kind of turn outward. I’ve tried fixing my Donald Duck gait, but I always laps back into it. So, if I walk that way, imagine me on a bike. Skirt hiked up, leggings ridding down, toes crimped so my flats don’t fly off. I just don’t own cycling clothes, and I simply look funny on a bike.

But what’s crazy is how we came about the bikes. Pete was online looking at a map of Dundee and he discovered that we could follow the river all the way out of the city, and he got the idea to bike it. There were two bikes chained up in the back communal garden, so he went and knocked on everyone’s door in the building until he found the owners. (In fairness, there’s only 8 flats in the blocks, and the bikes weren’t mine or PoshPhD’s, so that only left him 6 doors to knock on.)

Now this is what’s absolutely crazy, he just asked if we could use the bikes. He explained that I’m new in the building and he’s new to the country. He said that Dundee is a great little city, and we wanted to see more of it. Then, he offered to give them his guitar as collateral. They could hold his guitar (which is so important to him he’s likened to an internal organ) while we had the bikes. The neighbours (a lovely young couple with a baby) not only refused his guitar, but handed him the keys to their bike locks and a tire pump.

I couldn’t believe it! If someone came to my door asking to borrow my bike in exchange for a ratty old guitar I’d tell them to fuck right off. But well, that’s Pete for you. He could charm the venom out of a snake.

The bike ride was brilliant. The weather was a bit chilly, but that was actually perfect because otherwise I would have been sweating bullets.

Pete’s now passed out asleep on the bedtress. He said to wake him in an hour, and we’ll go into town for some dinner. You know, I don’t want to jinx it all, but I’m really happy with things at the moment. Let’s hope, well, let’s just hope.

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