Can’t be bothered

I’m so annoyed with Pete. He didn’t come home last night until 3am. I texted several times, and he didn’t answer. He said — when he finally stumbled home –that he just forgot about his phone, and it was too noisy at the party to hear the text come through anyway. Yep, party. How does he land in a country for less than a week and know enough people to be invited to a party? And no he wasn’t at a party with PoshPhd or CoolTrous.

He went to the Co-Op to get some lunch, some guys in the queue heard his accent, asked him where he was from, and they got chatting. The guys were students and had beer, so with nothing to do for the day, Pete asked if they wanted to hang out. Pete went to their flat, by the time I came home from work it had all turned into a party, and I had all but been forgotten.

I know I shouldn’t be mad at him because he’s in travel mode, and well, that’s travel mode. When you’re doing the gap year thing, you go out, meet randoms, and hangout at strangers’ houses. It’s the sort of thing you’d never do in normal life, but for some reason when you’re travelling through another country, it’s acceptable.

So, I’m not annoyed that he met people and went to a party. I’m annoyed that I was left sitting at home. If he’d called or texted to ask if I wanted to come meet him, I don’t know if I would have gone, because I have to work in the morning. But it would have been nice to have been invited. As it was, I was up all night worried about him, so I didn’t get any sleep anyway, and I may as well have gone out.

I don’t know. I guess I need to just chill. He’s on holiday, and I’m not. I have to remember that.

But what’s not helping is that the house attached to the office has a joiner in making loads of racket. Loraine is putting a chair lift in so that her mum can get up and down the stairs, and the noise is doing my head in.

I’ve left for lunch and found this nice quiet cafe with Wifi. I’ve brought the work laptop, and I may just stay here and do a bit of work rather than go back to the office. I’m just not in the mood today to be bothered.

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