Why I’m Tired

Shit, I forgot the whole point of that last blog post was to explain why I’m so tired. Instead I talked about last night. Right, on to tonight.  

Why am I so tired? Because we decided to go to the cinema. There’s a big proper CineWorld in Dundee, and Pete figured out how to get there. He swore blindly that it was in walking distance. Well, I have one thing to say to that. Everything is within walking distance if you have enough time.

Pete met me at work just after five and we set out on our cinema adventure. Bloody hell, we had to go over several big roundabouts, across a thicketed footpass under a motorway and then walk along a slip road sort of thing. Let me add, this whole walk was in the dark. Where I come from, you don’t walk about underpasses in the dark. 

This place was NOT within walking distance. Oh, and Pete just forged ahead with his little handwritten notes like this trek across the barren and industrial parts of Dundee was the same as trekking across a lovely meadow. Didn’t even phase him, but I guess when you’re in gap year mode, every walk is an adventure. 

So we finally got there an hour and a half later. We decided to see the Woman in Black because it was just starting, and OH MY GOD it’s scary. The plot, when you think about it, is pretty shit, and the end is really predictable. It was her all along (ghosty sound)…. sort of thing. But it’s the cinematography, the music and the creepy things jumping out that have done my head in. Plus, old Danny Radcliffe has turned into such a hottie, and not a bad actor.

After, Pete wanted to WALK back through the barren thicketed metropolis in the dark. I was having none of it, so I spent a tenner on a taxi. Not the wisest way to spend money, but I wasn’t having that stupid Woman in Black drowning me in a puddle.

Oh, and today’s work report. Got five readings sorted for Conspiracy: two at a local library, two readings groups (one in a village hall and one in another library) and a writing group that meets at a local primary school. The first one is in a week’s time, and it’s one of the public libraries. I don’t know how I’m going to get an audience in a week with no internet marketing. Oh well, even if two people turn up, it’ll be okay…as long as they tell two people to buy the book, who tell two people to buy the book, who tell two people to buy the book, and so on.

By the way, it was hard as hell to find a library to do a reading after 5pm or on a weekend. They’re all cutting their hours and staffing. Sucks.

So that’s why I’m tired, because I walked about a gazillion miles, and I still haven’t had a good night’s sleep in ages. Pete’s talking to his mum on the phone in the other room, so I’d better go before he hangs up.


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