Not Jealous

Hey, so I’ve got a quite a bit to catch up on. First, tonight. I had lots to do at work to get ready for tomorrow’s conference call, (which also ties quite nicely into a comment Knotrune made, but I’ll get to that later) so I accidently stayed at work late. It’s kind of weird working late when you’re in someone else’s home office, which is why I accidently stayed late.

I just kept thinking, ‘Oh, let me get through this…then, I just need to finish this…oh wait, I need to do this’, and before I knew it, it was past seven and I was receiving a text from Pete wanting to know if I was up for playing pool with him and PoshPhD at the Student Union.

Now, this is where I’m going to digress (I have a feeling this post will have a lot of digressions), I’m not jealous of the fact that Pete and PoshPhD spend a lot of time together. I know by saying that I’m not jealous, it sounds like I am jealous, but I’m really not jealous. Really.

Yesterday Pete, PoshPhD and I decided to go hill walking in Perthshire. I’d been to Pitlochry last year for that festival, and I thought it would be really good have a muck about. I remember it being quite nice, and I thought Pete would like the rusticness of it all.

The adventure started in the train station where Pete went to use the cash machine, but PoshPhD pointed out that it wasn’t a bank machine, so he’d have to pay an extra £2 or some such to use it, so they decided that I should pay for Pete and he’d just give me the money back. (Love how PoshPhD decided that I should pay for Pete.) With Friday night’s dinner, drinks on Saturday night (luckily just a twelve pack and a bottle from the offy), train tickets to and from Pitlochry, and tea and lunch in Pitlochry I’ve spent over £350 for hte weekend. I know Pete’s good for it, and will pay me back, but as it’s the end of a month which started out with me forking over a rental deposit, I can’t really afford it. Oh, plus I’ve been letting him use my laptop and wireless dongle while I’m at work, and I just checked my balance and I’m totally over my limit. That’s another £100 that he’s cost me, so I’ve told him he’s going to have to start using the library internet, and I’m keeping my mobile dongle in my handbag.

Anyway, Perthshire, so we went over to Pitlochry and the problem was that on a Sunday everything was fairly shut, and it was a bit grey yesterday. So we had afternoon tea at Atholl Palace, and then back into town for a wander. After a bit more to eat and a pint at a pub, we found a short little trail and did a bit of hill walking.

Actually, the Perthshire hills on a cloudy foggy day was quite atmospheric, and really beautiful. It ended up being a good day for walking about on the hills. 

It was starting to get late and there were limited trains back toDundee, so we started to run back into town. PoshPhD tripped and fell. She so didn’t hurt herself, but she made a big stink about the entire thing. ‘Oh, Pete, I fell. I think I might have hurt my ankle. Oh no, how am I going to get back?’ To which Pete said, ‘Jump on,’ and she jumped on his back, and he gave her a piggy-back into town.

I should have been totally jealous as she made ‘giddy-up’ sounds and slapped him on the arse, but I wasn’t. I’m feeling really comfortable about this relationship. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve matured, or because I don’t think he’d cheat – just not the type. She can flirt with him all she wants, he’s not going for it. (Okay, okay. I had a bug in my butt before about him going out without me, but I wasn’t jealous that some woman was going to snag him, I was just upset that I was missing the fun, and I kind of felt like he didn’t want to spend any time with me. But I’m past that now. I’m feeling much more into the swing of things. He comes and goes as he pleases, I’ve got work, but I’ll try to make life as much as an adventure as I can. But sometimes, just sometimes, I am okay with him being out of the house, as long as he asks me to come along. I need to be the one to turn down the invitation.)

Anyway, I’m digressing again. So, tonight when he texted to say they were at the Union and for me to come along, I didn’t rush over. Plus, it sounds kind of complicated, because I’m supposed to text them when I’m there, and PoshPhD might have to sign me in. It all seems like a bit of hassel, and I needed to do the shops. I don’t normally do the big shop, but Pete’s eaten everything in the house, and there’s no TP or toothpaste left. So I’ve decided to skip pool at the Union. I went to the Co-Op after work, and now I’m settled in to tea in front of the telly, while my boyfriend is out with another woman. I might go down and meet them later, but for now its nice having the house to myself. Plus, I really need to do a little bit more work for tomorrow.

Which brings me to the next point…Knotrune’s comment. I’m going to move to another post, because I know my response will be a big long drawn out ramble that pretty much goes on its own tangent, doesn’t even really address what Knotrune said and has nothing to do with the events of this weekend. So, for that post click here.

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