Part Three of Three: Can’t Stop Smiling

I got home and, just as I put the keys in my door, PoshPhD came out onto the landing – in a hoodie and her underpants. I have no idea why that girl refuses to put clothes on the bottom half of her body.

She told me that Pete and CoolTrous went out. I opened the door to my flat, she followed me in, and I asked her why she wasn’t out with the boys. She said she had work to do on her thesis, she had a supervision meeting tomorrow. Then she said she needed a break and went into my kitchen, found a bottle of wine and opened it.

We sat down in the lounge and I absentmindedly turned on the telly, to which she responded ‘Television ruins the soul’. Geezus, where have I heard that before?

I turned off the television and asked her about her thesis. She’s doing something on ‘appropriating and transforming reality into epistolary forms of interactive multi-media.’ (I had her repeat it several times.) I told her that I had no idea what that meant. So she explained, she’s taking videos of people on the street without them knowing, editing them until they are unrecognizable from the original – thus the appropriating reality – then uploading them onto the internet in a story form resembling something like a Facebook timeline. But the public can leave comments and vote on certain aspects of the project, which then determines the way the project goes next.

Once she explained it, it sounded really interesting. We talked about how she got the idea from social media and we talked about how social media had changed all our lives. PoshPhD then said she doesn’t use any social media personally, because she doesn’t want it to ‘taint’ the results of her work, but she finds ‘the interconnectiveness of the internet fascinating’.

We talked for a quite a bit, and, you know, if I could do an interesting original project like the one PoshPhD is doing, then I wouldn’t mind going back and doing a postgraduate degree. I always thought PhD work was boring and tedious, but her project seems quite fascinating and kind of fun.

After finishing off the bottle she slipped back to her flat as she has a chapter to finish for tomorrow.  But before she left she invited Pete and I to some sort of Fashion Awards tomorrow night.  Should be fun.

I’m waiting for Pete to come home, and, with his track record of late nights, I could be waiting for a while. But I’m not particularly bothered tonight. I just can’t stop smiling. Everything feels so full of possibilities. Spring is here. Art is all around me. I love my job. And well, I have the most amazing memories of Greece dancing about my head. It is so good to have reconnected with Fife. He’s really cool and nice, and he was the total gentleman when we were in Greece. Plus, it’s not so bad to have a Dundee-Fife-Dundee chauffeur at my disposal. (Just kidding. I wouldn’t take advantage of his generosity like that. Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing him again. Just to chat.) I just cannot stop smiling, everything is going so well.


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