Part One of Three: Elderflowers and dandelions and periwinkles, oh my!

I had to leave the office at about three o’clock to get over to Conspiracy’s reading in back of no where Fife, but before I left to get on the bus, the day was absolutely glorious. It was a bit nippy but blue skys peaked out from behind white clouds. LadyBohemia was out in the garden painting in her wonderful red cape and straw hat. Her back was to the conservatory windows, so I could see the canvas.

Now, I’m not an art connoisseur, but I love her paintings because they’re so bright and cheery. I’m sure a lot of people would think what she does is a bit twee, or old fashioned, or maybe hotel-art-ish, but I just love them. They make me notice things I’d never notice. 

Anyone who knows me will attest to the fact that I am simply not an outdoors type of person. When I was travelling, and Pete and I were mucking about, I put on a good front. And Thailand even did a bit to make me feel more at one with nature. But my enjoyment of the outdoors stops there…until now.

LadyBohemia paints the wildflowers and brambles in the garden in such a way to make me notice them. I would never have before stopped to look at a particular flower or think about the colour of a leaf, but I see her paintings, then I look at what she’s painting, and I can’t help compare the two. Both are beautiful but different.

I know I’m being a bit sentimental about all this, but I’ve never been this influenced by art before. Maybe it’s because I’m seeing her paint them, so it’s more like a performance sort of thing. I don’t know. But today, as she did her green with the yellow dandelions poking through, and the first dots of elderflowers on the side of the canvas and the one little periwinkle at the bottom, I had a hard time concentrating on work because I kept gazing out into the garden.

Loraine and I went and sat outside for lunch. Philip was attempting to do some gardening, but Lady Bohemia kept stopping him. Every weed he pulled, and every shrub she trimmed, was too much. She wanted it there so she could paint it as it grew tall, then eventually died away in the winter. What a sweet concept, painting the life of the botanics in a weedy garden.

Poor old Philip was exasperated with his under cut garden, so he gave up and joined us for some lunch – lovely tuna and crest sandwiches made by Loraine. As I said, I had to leave to go to Conspiracy’s reading, and as I left the house the clouds came out and it started sprinkling, but I’m glad the weathered turned because otherwise I would have never wanted to leave that lovely home/office/garden.

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