History in the wrong order

It was really chilly today, but LadyBohemia was out in the garden for most of the day in her paint splattered red coat. She was painting a close-up of a little grey branch with green buds coming out. It looked more like a design or a pattern than a picture, like something you’d see on an old fashioned silk wallpaper. In fact, I’d love to have a silk dress with that embroidered along the hem.

The rest of the day was spent getting a report together on last night’s event, and doing the suggested edits to the nonfiction book proposal. (I was supposed to have the book proposal edits done yesterday, but I ran out of time.) The nonfiction book is about the Gordon Highlanders in Normandy, and it seems like it’ll be quite interesting, but I added a suggestion that he should include interviews with living members of that regiment (if any exist), a bigger plate section, and – this is the wild concept that may not go over well – take it out of chronological order and structure it by points. Well, not quite out of chronological order, but the way he has it structured at the moment is in a complete timeline form.

I don’t think history happens in chronological order. For example, lots of things are going on in the world at once, which can influence each other. One of the most interesting things about this man’s book is the interconnectedness of events that lead to the Gordon Highlanders being in Normandy. (Wow. You can tell I’ve been writing reports all day. I’ve slipped back into University essay language. Sorry about that.) So, I’ve suggested that he restructure it going in this pattern: external events – Gordon Highlanders — external events – Gordon Highlanders — external events – Gordon Highlanders, until they all culminate in the Normandy landing.

I’ve passed it along to Loraine. Just waiting to see what she thinks.

After work I got to the door of my flat, and as soon as I put my key in the lock, PoshPhD stuck her head out her door and asked me to pop over. (She’s got bat hearing or something. She always hears my keys.) I went in and she informed me that we were going over to CoolTrous. She didn’t ask if I wanted to go, she just said I was going. Pete’s already there. Then she told me to wait while she changed clothes because it’s getting cold outside and she needed to find a jumper (and a pair of trousers).

I stood about the lounge for a bit. As I’ve mentioned, she doesn’t have furniture either, but she’s got loads of old movie prints and framed photos on the wall. As I waited I took a closer look, and I noticed a lot of them had the same little girl in them. I shouted to her in the bedroom asking if she was the girl in the photo? She responded with a ‘yes’. Some of the other people in the photo look familiar also, but I just can’t place where I recognise them from.

After waiting for twenty minutes, I told her I was going home to put down my stuff, to come get me when she’s done. That was 45 minutes ago. I should go see if she’s left with out me. Or maybe she’s still searching for a pair of trousers.

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