Massive Surprise

You would not believe what happened when I got home from work yesterday. In fact, I still can’t believe it. I walked into the flat, and I called out to Pete (not exactly expecting him to be home). He called back from the lounge saying that he had a surprise for me.

I pushed the door open to the lounge, and sitting there plain as day was S!

I haven’t squealed liked that since I was a teenager. I couldn’t believe it. S, all the way from Thailand, sitting in my lounge.

Right, so I’ll get to the point. S had been living in Thailand after her visa ran out, and the authorities caught on. She didn’t think it would be a big deal to get a permit, but she was wrong, so she’s had to come back to theUK. She and her mum don’t get on very well, and D’s sharing a tiny flat in London with two other people (so even less room than me), so she’s going to stay with me until she gets back on her feet.

I am so, so happy.

Oh, and Pete knew all about this. He lived with her in Thailand after New Zealand, so they’re totally friends. And she emailed him to say she was coming, and he told her to surprise me. That I could use a bit of a surprise. And, he’s right, I was surprised.

Right, okay, not perfect situation. I now have two unemployed people living in my flat, but I know S will get a job in no time. And she’s only here until she can get a visa sorted for Thailand and get back over. Oh, and she and Pete get along like a house on fire, so she’s going to take some of the pressure off me. Like I think part of the Pete and I tension is the fact that I have to work all day, and he’s stuck in the house. But he and Sarah can entertain each other while I’m at work (and S will totally keep an eye out for me and let me know when PoshPhD gets a little too friendly).

Anyway, I hardly slept at all last night, because we were talking until like 4am. And I’m actually blogging at work right now (which I shouldn’t be), because I’m going home for lunch to hang out with S, and I’m just so psyched I have to tell everyone.

Right, gotta go.


2 responses to “Massive Surprise

  1. My flat may be pretty crowded but she didnt even ask if she could stay with me. Tell her thanks for calling me and even letting me know shes in the country.

  2. I’m sure she just didn’t want to bother you. I’ll tell her to give you a ring tonight.

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