Bullet Point Weekend

Right, so it was an absolutely amazing weekend. I was going to write three separate and long posts reliving every detail that happened. But I’ve only got an hour for lunch and I’m afraid I could spend days writing about this past weekend. So, instead, I’m bullet pointing everything that went on from Friday when I got off work to this morning. Here it goes:

  • Drinks and S’s first taste of pizza in over a year
  • S met PoshPhD, and she hates her too (yeah)
  • PoshPhD flirts with Pete, and Sarah gives her the verbal knockdown
  • We drink too much and S’s scouser accent comes back – much hilarity ensues
  • We go to a pub
  • Get chatted up by a load of fit men
  • One tries to snog S outside the pub
  • She kicks them in the nuts
  • Walk home after having a kebab
  • Fuzzy Saturday in front of the telly eating beans and cheese on jacket potatos
  • Reminiscing about Thailand
  • Listening to stories about Pete and S’s adventures with the Chiang Mai locals
  • Reminiscing about Uni
  • Talking about S and M (not the pervy whips and chains S&M, but S and her ex-boyfriend, M)
  • Conversation gets too serious so we head into town
  • Walk along the Tay at night
  • Come across a hotel with a wedding disco
  • Crash wedding disco, and tell everyone we work with the groom’s brother
  • Find out the groom doesn’t have a brother and we dash
  • Laugh our selves silly
  • Sit outside a church and chat with some skater kids
  • Feel totally old
  • Stop at the chippy on the way home
  • PoshPhD and CoolTrous pop around for a late night chat
  • Up drinking and talking until 4am
  • Get our arses in gear on Sunday because the weather is AMAZING
  • Walk to the top of the Law (I so need to get into shape)
  • Came back down again and found a pub with tables and chairs outside
  • Had my first Pimm’s of the season
  • Bought a cheap aluminium BBQ set at the big Tescos
  • BBQd in the garden
  • After being a veggie for over a year, S has given in to meat temptation
  • PoshPhD still refuses to eat things with eyes
  • Meet some more of the neighbours
  • Pete has already met all of the neighbours
  • Finish off evening sitting in garden wrapped in a blanket drinking cider
  • Mad rush to work this morning
  • Feeling so happy and relaxed
  • Unbelievably grateful for the return of the prodigal friend

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