How Pete found his gap year

Last night was quite interesting. Pete, S and I had a casual night, just chatting and all, and I found out how Pete ended up going travelling. S knew the story, but I didn’t, which really surprised me because Pete and I spent quite a bit of time alone together in Australia and New Zealand and he never mentioned it.

Pete got student loans for his education and in the last year he got a double instalment into his account. He checked and only one instalment was recorded for him to payback, so he figured this was a mistake. He held onto the money until the end of the year thinking they’d come asking for it, and when they didn’t he decided to go travelling. He didn’t have job lined up after graduation or anywhere to live, so he just hit the road. Which explains why he didn’t have a round-the-world ticket or any plans. Oh, and I should add this part – as it’s the part I think he should have told me – he was supposed to go travelling with a girlfriend, but they broke up at the last minute, so he went on his own.

How did I not know he had a girlfriend only a few months before we met? He knows my entire relationship past (who doesn’t?). But I guess that’s just guys for you.

Last night when Sarah went to get a bottle from the offy down the street, I took the chance to have a private talk with Pete about boundaries, ie. PoshPhD throwing herself on top of him. I told him that sometimes when women flirt with him it may not be harmless fun, and that sometimes it’s hurtful to me, especially when he doesn’t refute this woman’s advances.

He sat for a moment, nodded his head and then said, ‘Don’t worry about it. S and I are just mates, and she’s just really friendly. But if it makes you feel better, I’ll keep a bit more distance.’

I was exasperated. Of course, I wasn’t talking about Sarah. Just as I was about to re-explain that I meant PoshPhD’s insistence upon competing with me for Pete’s attention, when S came home, so I just dropped the matter. I’ll tackle it another time. God he can be so dense.

Oh, on a positive note, today Loraine asked me to have a go at editing Conspiracy’s second book. Because it’s a second book, normally she would only need a synopsis to flog it to publishers, but since the first one’s been such a flop (and the original publishers aren’t taking on his second book), she’s going to treat her pitch like he’s a first time author. Not lie, but just have everything polished and ready to go. Loraine’s also going to try the bigger houses, since the small publisher didn’t really work out. So, she wants me to have a stab at editing it. Quite excited really.

Speaking of which, I have another Conspiracy event tonight. This time a reading at a library that’s staying open late. Jeeze, I hope it’s not a dire as the first reading.

Well, that’s my lunch nearly over, so I’d better run.

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