Hanging out with hippies

Pete came to bed just as the sun was coming up. He tried not to wake me, but I wasn’t sleeping too well, so I couldn’t help but wake up.

Guess where Pete was at all night?

Occupy Dundee

Yup, you read that right. Occupy Dundee. I saw the smattering of less than a dozen tents out in the city centre when we were in town over the weekend, and if I’m honest I thought it seemed a bit pathetic. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for people protesting the mess the financial institutions have caused. But Dundee is a city with little connection to finance (as far as I’m aware, there aren’t any major banks headquartered here), and it’s a small city who’s largest employer is the public sector. And, didn’t Occupy Wall Street/London/Etc. fizzle out months ago?

Leave it to Pete to go off talking to strangers.

But what’s really strange is S’s participation in all this. In fact, the S’s gap year transformation is pretty crazy.

S arrived to Uni covered in fake tan, bleached hair, and never a day without bare legs or high heels. Over the course of Uni she toned down the chav a bit, but was still quite into her appearance. In fact, we were all kind of surprised that she agreed to the gap year. None of us thought she’d take to trekking about without her hair straighteners. Actually, I’m pretty positive the gap year was her ex-boyfriend M’s idea.

Well, travelling had a really big effect on her. M said that almost immediately S’s attitude towards her appearance changed, and she became quite into nature. Then she went all hippie new-age-y. If you’ll remember, last year, she left a few gap year twatish comments on my blog. (BTW, she doesn’t even remember I have a blog, but more on that in a bit.) And she left M for a yoga instructor or some such. But by the time I came to visit her in Thailand last spring, she was kind of normal. Not her old fake-tanned self, but better. Still S, just without all the glam.

I like this new hippie S. She’s let her curly dark hair grow and all the old bleached highlights have finally grown out. She now lets her freckled skin show through, and she just generally looks better. Happier.

But still, five years ago when I met her (OMG, has it really been 5 years?!?!) I wouldn’t in a million years have guessed she’d spend her evening sitting in a tent with a bunch of political hippies, going unwashed. It’s kind of weird, and also kind of cool. I guess we all change.

Oh, and the blog situation. I told S that D left a comment on the blog saying that she was upset that S hadn’t contacted her when she got back into the country. S then said, ‘What blog?’ I couldn’t believe she didn’t remember that I have a blog. Then I thought, well, I’m not going to remind her. I’m kind of in a sticky wicket with the anonymity of this blog. My family and friends know about it, but not the public. And certainly not Pete. And I kind of don’t want Pete to know about it. This blog is my opportunity to have a bit of a moan, and I can’t do that if he’s reading it.

So, when S asked, ‘What blog?’ I said, ‘D’s got a blog.’

I was then worried that S would ask for the URL, or even ask D about it. But luckily, instead, she said, ‘Oh leave it to her to have a blog. Blogs are such a symbol of vanity. Who cares what someone has for breakfast? I don’t. It’s why I deleted my Facebook account.’ (I’d wondered why I hadn’t seen her on Facebook for a while.)

Well, I’d better get going. I left for lunch early today, and I need to get back to the office. But I just love my café lunches. I’m surrounded by people in my flat, and work is in someone else’s home. I have no space to myself. Even when I lived with Goatee, I had the spare bedroom. I hate not having any space. Now, I just feel like I have to sneak off to blog, or even just to think.

Oh well, it won’t be for long. S will have a job soon enough and will either get her visa for Thailand sorted or have a flat of her own. And Pete…well, Pete’s just Pete. Maybe I’ll get lucky and an elderly rich relative of his will die and leave him enough money to well…not be a mooch.


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