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Back in the old NFTI days, I used to put all kinds of awesome links on the blog in hopes of providing information and instigating discussion. I have had all the intention in the world of doing this for NTFI-The Agency, but I just don’t have the time. Actually, it’s my job at work to look up cool publishing and literature stuff on the internet and report back to others. Unfortunately, the ‘others’ are limited to my co-workers and bosses, and not my bloggy-woggy followers. Also, as I do not blog at work (unlike at MNM where I consistently blogged at work), I don’t have time to make a note of all these cool links on this site. Instead, I’ve been keeping a record of them separately, promising myself that I will ‘one day, when I get a chance, put them up on NFTI for all to see.’

Well that time has come. Sort of. Even though I blogged at lunch, I had a stroke of genius. The one place I’m allowed some privacy in the flat is the bathroom. So I’ve run myself a bath, and I’m now sitting on the toilet (not shitting or anything mind you, I’m not vile) with laptop in hand, finally finding the time to sit alone in my own flat and blog.

However, I have nothing to blog about, so now is the perfect time to update my bloggy-woggy followers on all the cool links I’ve come across recently.

Cool blogs and articles that I like in no particular order or theme:

We’ve had a bit of a discussion recently on the topic of ebooks and self publishing. Here’s a pretty interesting article on the matter my Nathan Bransford

The Unemployed Bride: Even though I have no desire to get married at this point, her blog on the life of a newly wed is pretty funny. 

How Not to Write A Novel: I have this book on writing, and it is awesome. Not just because it gives practical tips to writers, but it’s damn funny as well. 

Slush Pile Tales: This literary agent talks in depth about the publishing world. And, also people send in the occasional query letter, which she rips to shreds all in the name of learning how to get published. Which is loads of fun and educational as well.

Where has the good fiction by women gone? Another article on the lack of women getting published. ‘Not again,’ you may say. ‘These articles are everywhere.’ Well then, if we are so aware that women aren’t getting published then why aren’t we changing things? (Says she who has the power to change things but is working on two books by men. Big sigh of the hypocrite.)

Why Publishers are Important: The article may be kind of old, but I found this article a month or so ago when we were having a debate about the importance of publishers. Here’s Hachette’s opinion on the matter. 

Okay, that will be it for now. My bath is getting cold, and I need to splash about a bit and dampen my hair or else Pete and S may catch on to the fact that I’m only hiding in here and don’t really need a bath. Oh, and when I get a chance, I’ll put these up on the blogroll links. In fact, might make my Bathtub Blogroll a regular feature.

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  1. Thank you for the links!

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