Just got a text

Holy shit. He just texted me the following message:

‘Had a great time tonight. Sorry I couldn’t have stayed out later. We’ll have to do it again when I don’t have plans for the next morning.’

What the fuck does that mean?! Does he want to do it again when he’s free in the morning because he doesn’t plan on going home? Or does he just mean that he’d like to go out as friends again, but he wants to be free to drink more than one glass of wine, thus not having any plans in the morning?

I HATE MEN WHO DON’T HIT ON YOU PROPERLY! Damn it. I like to know when I’m being sexualised or not. Stupid nice guys.


3 responses to “Just got a text

  1. *Lifts an eyebrow* It means he’d like to hang out sometime when he doesn’t have to go somewhere in the morning. So he could have stayed out later…just like he said. Reading anything additional into it is folly. The thing with nice guys (and he certainly seems like a nice guy) is that they’re really easy to read. Mostly because they say it like it is. And chances are? He’s not hoping for anything other than letting things develop as they will…business, friendship, or otherwise…and spending time around you is the way to see how it will go.

    Also, not that it is any of my business whatsoever, but you’re protesting way too much. You’ve reiterated many, many times over the last few posts that you don’t have a crush on Fife. Too many times. It comes across like you DO have a crush on Fife and you’re trying to convince yourself otherwise. That you seem to dread Fife and Pete knowing about each other kind of reinforces that. It’s not for me to draw any conclusions one way or the other because I’m not there and I simply don’t know, but I hate seeing hearts get broken, and this is looking like it has the potential lead to a few.

    • Okay, okay, okay. You’ve sussed me out. I may have just a tiny little crush on him. But that doesn’t mean I should do anything about the crush. And it doesn’t mean that he’s in to me. You’re right; I should just see how things develop. And as for hearts getting broken, I’m not going to let that happen again. Which is why I’m being so cautious and not just jumping into anything — like I normally do.

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