This is not a date

I’m supposed to be having a coffee-lunch with Fife just now to talk to him about his novel, but I didn’t get time to read it. Loraine’s flip out freaked me out, and I didn’t want to waste yesterday afternoon reading a manuscript that’s not from one of our clients. Then when I got home everyone was going out to a house party, and I was so knackered all I wanted was a drink and a place to sit and forget about the stress of work, and I didn’t think staying up all night reading and giving notes on a manuscript would make me forget about work. So I headed out with the gang.

Last night was actually pretty good because I had a long chat with CoolTrous. I haven’t spend a lot of time talking to him, and it turns out he’s a really interesting person. He’s all posh just like PoshPhD (I already knew that), and after Cambridgehe went to Columbia University to do a postgraduate law degree. He said he always loved art, but was never really encouraged to participate in it, so his plan was to become a Media/Entertainment lawyer. He was studying for his degree when he met PoshPhD. Her dad does work out in New York and she used to spend most of her holidays in the US. Well, they started hanging out, he fell in love with the artist lifestyle and started painting. Then he did something that would change is life forever – he went to an installation in a basement and realised that he too could be a part of the betnik world. So he decided to give up law and move to Dundee. Why Dundee? PoshPhD was starting her PhD here and she talked him into it.

So, I’m rambling a bit, but it was a really good night. We talked for ages. I asked him why law, and what kind of art he was into. He said he’s happy he’s not a practicing law, but he plans on starting a charity organisation that mentors young artists. Sounds really cool, and I didn’t know you could just like start a charity. I guess someone’s got to start them, but I’d never think, ‘Hey, I’m going to make a charity.’ The fact that CoolTrous thinks that way is…well…pretty cool.

But, because I was out last night I didn’t read Fife’s novel, and this morning when I got into work I had a message from Loraine asking me to email the synopsises to Conspiracy’s second novel and the WWII nonfiction book. She’s talking to some publishers about another author, and she wants to also feel them out Conspiracy and NonFictionWWII as well. I really hope the day goes okay for her; she could use some sales after yesterday’s debacle.

Right anyway, back to Fife. I hadn’t read Fife’s novel, so I texted him this morning and was completely upfront. I said I hadn’t had time, and I didn’t want to rush reading the manuscript. So perhaps meeting today to talk about it was a bit futile.

He responded to say that he’s not bothered that I haven’t read it, and he would have been surprised if I had done so in such a short period of time. Then he apologised for putting pressure on me, said that he’ll be in Dundee this afternoon anyway, and that his meeting would probably run late, so how about we grab dinner?

This response really took me back. Is he asking me on a date? Is he being nice? He was so apologetic about pushing me to read his manuscript, is this his way of making up for it? It took me a while to respond, and in the meantime he texted: ‘I won’t ask about my book. I promise.’

I had to respond, I couldn’t leave it hanging. Would I go to dinner? If I did, would it be a big deal? And what do I tell Pete? But it doesn’t matter what I tell Pete. On Tuesday night I decided that I DO NOT have a crush on Fife, I just admire him as a person. So, really going out to dinner with him would be no different to going out with Loraine, or anyone else in the profession that I admire.

I texted Fife back and said, ‘Yes. Would be lovely. Where should I meet you?’

He suggested a place called the Tasting Rooms at 6pm. ‘If that’s not too early?’ he added. I said that would be fine, I’d meet him just after work. And 6pm is more of a business type dinner. If it were a date he’s pick me up at 8 or something. No, this is just an after work thing. He’s in town anyway. Why am I so nervous? I think I’m going to pop home anyway and get in a quick shower and refresh the make-up. I gotta go. Too much to think about.


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