Easily Distracted

Today was the first day the clocks went forward and happily it wasn’t just a sunny day, but a warm day. After I rang mum, we headed down to Magdalene Green for a a lie-about. Pete brought his guitar, and we all brought the wine and the blankets. PoshPhD wasn’t going to come along because she needed to work on her thesis, but the warm air and sunshine proved too much.

We all set up, and within moments Pete was throwing a Frisbee about with people he’d never met before. After a bit, they were over on our blankets, but they had beer so we didn’t mind sharing our blankets. They were a bunch of engineering postgrads, and they were actually a good laugh. In fact, PoshPhD was in a bit of a mood because she’s stressed about school. She’s rewriting her chapter again, and she said she just can’t figure out what her supervisor wants. She said that one week he’ll suggest she follow a particular thread of research, then when she does he bollocks her for doing something that’s a tangent to her thesis. She’s getting quite overworked about it all. But hanging out the with engineering students was quite good for her because they all commiserated about thesisesesesis (I can’t figure out what the plural for that word is) and I think she started to feel better about her situation – like she’s not the only person with supervision problems.

Not long after we got down to the park, I got a text from Fife. It said, ‘Too pretty to be inside. Have taken the boys to the West Sands at St Andrews to fly kites. Fancy joining us?’

So, SkydssDrake pointed out that I probably dost protest too much and actually do fancy Fife. Okay, she’s right. I do fancy him. But I don’t want to fancy him. And I’m not really sure if I actually like him, or if I just have a silly crush.

Well, today when he texted I smiled. I couldn’t help it. It was involuntary.

I couldn’t very well go meet him for several reasons. I was already out with everyone, so it would be totally rude to just leave. And it’s £7.40 return to get to St Andrews, which is just a waste of money. And, it would be kind of weird to hang out with him and his kids. I still don’t know what the ex-wife situation is. And I still don’t know if Fife is just being friendly, or if he’s in to me. And if he’s in to me, should I be meeting his kids? Yeah, I know I’m totally over thinking this, but don’t know if I want to meet his kids. Then again, if he was into me, he probably wouldn’t have me meeting his kids just yet, therefore he probably does just think of me as a mate…or a babysitter. Maybe he’s been being nice to me because he needs a babysitter? Oh, I don’t know. I’ve got to stop thinking about this.

I didn’t answer him right away, because I didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t go meet him, but I didn’t know what excuse to give him. While I was trying to decide what to do about the Fife text, Pete was running about like a hyper Collie. But, you know, I have a boyfriend, and before I go getting a crush on someone else I need to make sure that this relationship works. And, it’s not helpful to our relationship that Pete and I haven’t been as cuddly as we should be – granted he’s grown a beard that wouldn’t look amiss on Rasputin. But, today I was going to give cuddling Rasputin a go.

So, when he sat down, I sat down next to him and held his hand. But this would only last a moment before he found an excuse to get up and run off somewhere. Then when he’d come back, I’d try to cuddle up to him by putting my arm around his waste, but he’d get distracted and either run off or get into such a deep conversation with S, that he’d move away from me to talk to her. Maybe that’s the problem with Pete and I, when we were in New Zealand and Australia we spent a lot of time alone so I was the only person he had to pay attention to, but here in Dundee he gets distracted easily.

As we left the park, I texted Fife: ‘Sorry I just now got your text. Was out and forgot the phone at home. Hope you had a great day and I’ll catch you next time.’

He texted back asking if I’d like to get a drink after work on Thursday. I said ‘yes’. What am I doing???

Pete’s gig tonight was fairly shit. There was no one at the pub, and those there weren’t listening. Plus, I’d heard all his songs before…except one. He played a new song, which he ‘wrote for an amazing woman in his life.’

The song is about two travellers, ‘one stable and one’s a wanderer’, and after spending a lifetime together, they are forced to separate, but destiny intervenes and despite the distance of a galaxy they find each other again along the silvery Tay. God, why am I getting drinks with Fife on Thursday?

Pete really is such an amazing guy. He’s freakin written a song about me. He’s kind, he’s lovely, he’s fun and he’s sociable. He just needs to shave his beard and get a job – two things which are easily rectified. I really am lucky, and I shouldn’t be dicking about with this Fife business.

After the gig, everyone wanted to continue hanging out and drinking, but I protested because I have to be at work in the morning. Well, that’s the official reason why I protested, but I was hoping Pete would follow me to bed – maybe we could have the flat to ourselves. But, as I said earlier, he’s easily distracted. I even whispered in his ear that I would be taking a long hot bath if he ‘wanted to join me’. His response, ‘No babe. You go on, you got work in the morning. I’ll have my shower later.’ And he went over to PoshPhD with S and CoolTrous.

What a fucking mug.


2 responses to “Easily Distracted

  1. The plural of thesis is theses. Rhymes with faeces! And all PhD students I know go through a stage of feeling this is quite appropriate… 🙂

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