Winner of the Worst Daughter Award

I royally cocked-up today. Actually, I royally cocked-up last weekend, but I only figured it out today. I called Mum today to wish her a happy Mothering Sunday.

For those of you in theUK, you will know why this is wrong. For those of you outside theUK, Mothering Sunday was LAST WEEK.

When I rang she was typical mum, ‘Oh dear. Don’t you worry. I know you’re busy. There’s no need to bother.’

Mum’s passive aggressive is so much worse than if she just had a go at me. So, I asked what she did for the day, and it was even more of a passive aggressive conversation. ‘Oh Katie was away for most the weekend, and with mum gone and you gone, it’s just not the same anyway.’

Shit, there was nothing I could do to fix this. Then in the middle of the conversation it dawned on me that I am an even bigger dick than I thought. I didn’t just miss Mothering Sunday, I completely forgot about Mum’s birthday last February.

Her birthday was the same day I moved into the flat, 1st February, and I just completely forgot. I even forgot before I leftLondon. Here we were, Dad and Mum having a go at each other about me moving to Dundee, and I didn’t even remember her birthday was the next day.

I am such a massive douche. I’ve gone online and ordered Mum flowers, and I said I’d try and get some money together to come home for Easter weekend, to which she said, ‘Oh don’t bother dear. Your Aunt and I are going to the Isle of White for the Easter holiday.’ Why the hell she’s going to the Isle of White I don’t know, but when I said, ‘Well, I’ll come home for another weekend,’ she said not to bother, ‘It’ll cost too much and it’s too far.’ More passive aggressiveness. 

I’ll try to book something for one of the upcoming bank holidays in May or June, and try to make all this up to her. God, I’m the bad daughter.

PS-Loads of stuff to talk about for last weekend. Texts between Fife and I, and we just got back from Pete’s gig. Plus, I was going to do a Bathtub Blogroll, but I think I’ll actually just take a bath. So, I’ll try to catch you up on everything else later.


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