Bathtub Blogroll 2

The Elephant in the Writing Room — I was drawn to this blog because of the tagline: ‘So you want to be published. Here’s the question. Can you actually write?’ I love this tag, because it says what so many publishers are (correctly) thinking.

Shelf Awareness – A great article about how selling books is all about being a good story teller. Plus the site is full of very useful articles about books and publishing.

 Wtf is up with My Love Life – A funny collection of posts about dating and romance, but without all the sappy stuff.

Lorram Brown – For those of you still stumbling across NFTI looking for info on internships, you might want to turn your attention to Lorram Brown who collects stories and writes about businessy type stuff and internships. The one I have linked to is about internship horror stories. I know I shouldn’t dwell on the negative, but sometimes I like being reminded that my time at MNM wasn’t unusual. You know, the ‘misery loves company’ concept. 

Ashalah – A woman who’s travelled a lot, has lived a lot of places, and has a fun and smart take on life.

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