Eurydice and Orpheus

Pete and S didn’t even come home last night. They tripped into the flat just as I was getting ready for work. Pete was drunk and S was being stupid. They were singing some ridiculous football song they said they learned off a bunch of Rangers fans they met out, and I was worried they were going to wake up the entire blog of flats.

Pete’s beard is now getting disgusting, and I told him so. So, what did he do? He went into the bathroom to shave it off…and came out with a moustache. He thinks it’s hilarious and S thinks it’s ‘ironic’. I think he looks like a twat.

As you can see, I’m none too pleased with the flatmates today. Wait, did I say flatmates? I mean freeloaders. I’ve got to do something about this, because the whole thing is getting on my nerves. Yes, Pete can be really, really sweet. Like last night when he sang that song about me at the pub. And he does keep the flat clean and cooks most meals (when he’s in or we’re not getting takeaway). But, the incessant late nights have got to stop. I guess they don’t think it affects me because I’m not out with them. But I don’t sleep properly when they’re out, because I’m waiting for them to come home at any minute and wake me up. I’ve got to talk to them.

I cannot even tell you how wonderfully beautiful the weather is today. Loraine is still down in London, so Philip, LadyBohemia and I started the day by sitting in the garden and having a leisurely cup of coffee. Philip said this morning’s blue skies remind him of theCôte d’Azur, and I said it reminded me of Greece. They asked when I was there, and I said last summer, ‘Only for a few days. But they were an amazing few days.’

The ever intuative LadyBohemia says, ‘Ah. Holidayromance was it?’

I explained that I didn’t meet the ‘holiday romance’ until Australia, but I met someone really lovely in Greece. Someone who may turn out to be a good friend. It got me thinking about Fife’s last day on the island, it was the same day B was to meet me there. We were sitting at a café and he told me about his favourite Greek myth – the story of Eurydice and Orpheus.

Eurydice was walking through long grass on her wedding day when she stepped into a nest of snakes, was bitten and died. Orpheus was so sad he followed her to the underworld. Using his musical gifts he soothed Hades, and asked Hades if he could take Eurydice back to the land of the living. Hades agreed upon one condition: that Orpheus walks in front of Eurydice and does not look back until they’re completely out of the underworld. Orpheus agrees, but just before he’s out, he looks back and loses Eurydice for ever.

It such a sad but sweet story, and I’ll never forget the way Fife told it. It can tell the whole story in a paragraph, but he spent about an hour telling me that myth. He added in historic aspects and other characters. He described the landscape, and as we sat at that café in the golden sun on a tiny Greek island, I felt as if I were there in ancient Greece. In fact, I think this moment in my life made me realise that I do not want to be a novelist. Some people, like Fife, just have a natural talent for stories. I certainly don’t have that talent.

This morning, as I sat with Philip and LadyBohemia, I was thinking about Fife telling me ancient myths at the café. I must have gotten the broadest smile on my face, because LadyBohemia asked if I was sure I hadn’t found a holiday romance when I was in Greece. I don’t know. Maybe I did find something special there. I just don’t yet know what.

2 responses to “Eurydice and Orpheus

  1. I disagree that you can’t write stories, you just have a very different style. What is this blog but the story of your life? That is a story. In fact, more than one story, first the intern, now the sequel 🙂 It’s just more chick lit than lit fic 🙂

    • ‘My life the Chick Lit Novel’. Hey, that’d be a great name for a blog. Maybe I’ll do that next. Thanks for the encouragement, because sometimes I have a habit of just rambling on this blog. Glad to know that it reads better than I think it does.

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