To Do List

Still at work. Loraine called late to fill me in on her meetings in London:

  1. She’s tried to sell Conspiracy’s second book while she was at a publisher’s negotiating another deal. Turns out. No one’s interested.
  2. I told her about his blog, and she said to get it ready to pitch to Manchester at tomorrow’s conference call. I said that I hadn’t asked Conspiracy yet, and she said to run it by Manchester first (he’s the one into blogs), then go back to Conspiracy.
  3. So, that’s why I’m here late. I’m getting my proposal together for tomorrow’s call.
  4. I suggested that, if we’re going to try and sell his blog, then we might be able to start marketing through that format now. I could send out a press release to a load of bloggers, asking them if they wanted to review the first book, and if they did, then I could send electronic copies. Then, if we got the blog published, we’d have an already waiting audience. Loraine likes the idea, so I’m now making a list of all the bloggers I want to approach about reviewing the book.
  5. And she talked to that author who was going to leave both his agent and publisher to go self-epublished. Loraine has gotten him to agree to ‘think about it’ before doing anything official.

Right. Better get back to work. In fact, I think I just made this list as more of a ‘to do’ list for myself as opposed to a blog post. Sorry about that.


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