Pitching the Conspiracy Blog

After last night’s bath, I came out of the bathroom to find that PoshPhD had given up on her thesis for the night, and CoolTrous had joined the party. Pete and S were back in the flat from the garden, and there was a pot of veggie curry on the hob.

I get so sick of my place being inundated with people, but I guess it could be worse. These are all my friends, and they chose to hangout with me. It could be much worse, I could be alone.

 You know, CoolTrous is actually a really nice guy. It was dead obvious that PoshPhD is starting to freak out over her thesis, and he was really kind to her. He poured her a big glass of wine, and even gave her a little shoulder rub. You know, when you’re stressed, sometimes all you need is a friend to be kind to you.

Work on the other hand hasn’t been that friendly. The conference call this morning went well. Loraine was in on the meeting from London, and I brought up Conspiracy’s anon blog. Manchester said to send over the proposal while we were all on the phone, so I sent it around to everyone. They all liked it, and Manchester said he’d like to take it on.

This is when Loraine said, ‘There’s something she’s not included in the report.’

This is when I warned him that Conspiracy is quite difficult and also reminded Manchester that his first book really hasn’t sold. Manchester suggested that perhaps, rather than pitching Conspiracy by his real name, use his blogging moniker. This may make Conspiracy more comfortable, and we won’t be pushing a bad selling author, instead we’d be selling an anonymous new author. (I’m not sure if we’re not telling publishers his name, or if they know who he is. I guess they have to know. Don’t they? Oh, I’ll figure it out.) Manchester knows of a couple of publishers who may be into this.

Next I had to tell Manchester that I haven’t discussed any of this with Conspiracy. He was understanding, but added, ‘I don’t want to waste time on this if he’s not on board.’ Manchester was kind of terse, and I’m not sure if he was annoyed that I brought the idea to him with out speaking to the author, or if he just sounded put-out because we were on a conference call. (Sometimes it’s hard to tell a person’s reaction if you can’t see their face.)

After the conference call, I contacted Conspiracy. First, he was annoyed that I contacted him during his work hours. Then I told him about my idea, and he went mental. Honestly raged into the phone. It’s as if I could hear his face turn red, and spiddle come out of his mouth.

‘Who told you about that?’ ‘You have no right.’ ‘I don’t want my private life broadcast.’ ‘How dare you.’

Suddenly I was really worried that I’d dropped Saint into it, and I tried to backtrack and claim that I just came across the blog and figured it out. He didn’t believe me. God, I hope I didn’t cause any sort of problems between he and his wife. Shit, it didn’t go well.

After several, ‘Listen’, ‘It’s a good idea’, ‘No one will know it’s you,’ ‘You’re privacy is of the utmost importance’, ‘Blah, blah, blah’, I finally got him to agree to see me tomorrow. I’m meeting him at his house and hopefully I can talk him into the project. I might just regret this.

3 responses to “Pitching the Conspiracy Blog

  1. Man, Chelle, I hope he doesn’t murder you. Tell Loraine where you’re going and text S. the address. “If anything should happen to me, I am on my way to meet this mental man ___ at ____.” And follow up with a blog post as soon as you can after the meeting so we all know you’re alright. xoxo

    • Em, I so adore you. Who else would look out for my safety from across an ocean? It’ll be fine. It’s totally business, and of course Loraine knows I’m going. Plus, his wife will probably be home. And if it makes you feel any better, I’ll tweet something when I’m done. Thanks so much for looking out for me though.

  2. Holy bananas. >.< Yes. Yes, please blog or some such after. Hopefully the Saint is there and can help out with the conversation. It'd be a real pity if he decided against the idea, but he'd really be making his own bed at that point. Let him lie in it. And make sure to escape. o.O

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