Bathtub Blogroll Number 3

Really don’t feel like dealing with people in the house, so I’m hiding in the bathroom again. But at least my bloggy-woggy followers get a Bathtub Blogroll out of my cowardness.

The Desk Quixote is someone who is stuck working in a cubicle all day and who posts thoughts inspired by working in a cubicle all day. After six months at MNM, I can totally empathise. However, the Desk Quixote has much more philosophical and interesting thoughts than anything I ever dreamed up.  

Sorry Dad England is Weird is no longer being populated, but on occasion I’ll look back at the old posts because I think they’re hilarious. It was written by Australians who moved to England, and they found it all a bit strange. And to be honest, after travelling about for a while and coming back toBritain, I’ll have to admit that it’s a pretty weird country. 

Classic Confusion is one of those really funny blogs about life and being a young adult, where the writer says exactly what I’m often thinking but in a way that is far more clever and witty than anything I’d ever come up with. 

I’m so getting into the ‘everyday’ blog. The blogs where clever people (mostly women) talk about their lives. Another new favourite of mine (well new to me) is Girly Notes.

One response to “Bathtub Blogroll Number 3

  1. Thanks for the shout out!

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