It’s good to be right

I woke up today to snow. Proper snow. Not a bit cold. But the entirety of Dundee covered in white. And this time last week I was wearing a sundress. Madness.

And I so didn’t want to go to work. As I left the house Pete and S where trying to figure out how to create makeshift sledges to take to the big hill in the park. Also, being that it’s Easter Holidays, I’m sure all the kids will be out building snow men. Arrrgh. I want to be outside in the snow!

However, despite outside my window being a winter wonderland, work’s been pretty good. Loraine approached a publisher about that Gordon Highlanders book, and they shot it back because they felt like it was too slow and read too much like a text book. I know this is kind of mean, because Loraine is such a good boss and she’s teaching me so much, but ha ha ha ha ha. I told her that the narrative was too slow. I said that it shouldn’t be written in chronological order. But she didn’t listen. Tisk, tisk, tisk.

The book has been kicked back to me, and Loraine wants me to send the author my original notes. Then he’s to restructure the synopsis based on my suggestions, and we’ll try it again. It does feel good to be right. (For once.)

Speaking of edits. I skimmed through Conspiracy’s blog-book, and he’s changed too much. The voice of the blog that I loved so much is gone. I sent him an email saying exactly that. I wanted the essence of the blog, but with a more narrative structure. His reply was a tirade of negativity and what only can be called ‘wingeyness’. I sent him an email in return telling him, very calmly, that I was sorry he felt that way, but I would send him notes on how I saw the blog being rewritten. And I expect him to work with us, not against us. Damn I’m getting good at dealing with snippy authors. Or at least, one snippy author. Maybe this is why Loraine originally gave me Conspiracy – to break me in.

I do love my job.

2 responses to “It’s good to be right

  1. It’s snowing here too, in Notts! And kind of settling, but too wet and slushy for sledging though.

    • Yeah, it’s all pretty much gone now. Actually, started turning to slush by late yesterday. Unfortunately, still cold though. Can’t wait for that summer weather to return. Sick of woolie jumpers.

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