Don’t Ask

Before you ask, I didn’t have the talk. Here’s why…

I hadn’t gotten much done at work, because all I could think about was having ‘the talk’ with Pete. I ran it over and over in my mind, until everything was worded perfectly. Loraine was out, and as I wasn’t getting work done anyway, I left the office an hour early.

Pete was home when I got there (who knows where he could have been, he could have been off panhandling) and so was S. I told S that I needed to talk to Pete in private, would she mind going for a walk or something? She obliged, and I sat down on the futon to start ‘the talk’.

However, before I could get too far into my planned monologue, he said, ‘Yeah, I know what this is about. Mom sent me some money, but I’ve got to get over to Western Union to collect it. There’s one in Lochee, but I’ve got to figure out the busses.’

For fucksake. I couldn’t believe that he had all day to sort this out, and he’s done nothing. 

I told him that he could walk to Lochee from here (it’s not far, and he fucking walks everywhere anyway), but in all honesty by the time he got there it would probably be closed for the day. 

Pete said he thought it might be open 24 hours, but he didn’t know. I told him that was unlikely.

I still needed to have ‘the talk’, and maybe it would push him to get off his hippy arse and collect the cash. But first I asked, ‘How much did they send?’

His response, ‘Two hundred and fifty dollars.’

‘Dollars? You mean pounds.’

‘No. They said dollars in the email’, he responded.

I had to double check. ‘Canadian dollars?’

‘Yeah. I originally told them pounds, but they couldn’t figure out the exchange rate, so I just told them to send the same amount in dollars.’

I was about to scream. Not figure out the exchange rate? That’s what the internet is for. And I assume they’d have a conversion rate at theWestern Union. Plus, £250 isn’t enough for a transatlantic plane ticket – not even on a low cost airline. Granted, he didn’t know about the airline ticket, but £250 isn’t enough to pay me back for what he owes me. He owes me more than that in just ‘going out’ costs. And don’t get me started on rent, utilities and food. Plus, what’s 250 Canadian dollars in real money? Like £100 or something.

I couldn’t believe it. I sincerely wanted to kick him out right then just for being stupid. And I almost did until he said, ‘I can’t thank you enough for putting up with me. You have been the most amazing girlfriend, and I am really lucky to have you.’

Aw man. He can’t be nice. Not now. I need him to be a horrible selfish fuckwit so I can get angry and kick him out of the house. But I wasn’t angry with him. I was certainly annoyed, but not angry. I was angry with myself for getting into this situation.

I just said that it was all okay, and we’d talk about it when he got the money from Western Union.

I’m not due to meet Fife for a couple of hours, but I can’t wait that long. I told Pete I had to go out and, as usual, he didn’t ask any questions. I texted Fife to see if he’d be willing to meet me in Dundee a little earlier than planned, and he said he’s on his way. I’m just now at the DCA waiting for Fife. And I’m trying to hatch a plan to get rid of Pete, but I can’t think of one. I’m just going to have to be honest, and tell him anyway. God, I need a drink.

6 responses to “Don’t Ask

  1. emofalltrades

    Chelle, I’ve been biting my lip for what seems like forever. While it’s important for you to have the conversation with Pete, I think it’s just as important, if not maybe more important, for you to have a conversation with Fife about Pete. Tell him honestly that Pete is an old fling who turned up and at first it was fun, but then it became indefinite and you’re working on a plan to send him packing in the least vicious way possible. But the longer you’re not honest with Fife, (both of them, really) the more complicated this situation is going to get. xoxox E

  2. I looked up a picture of your boy and he looks like HP in 30 years.

  3. I’ll second Emofalltrades’ comment. =/

  4. You dip. You told me his name the last time we talked on the phone and I looked up his author picture online. Then I sent the picture to Bets.

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