Black Box

Fife’s just now out for his run, so I’m having a sneaky blog.

Fife picked me up from work last night, and we had a plan of dropping everything off at the cottage then going into the village for a pub dinner. However, the moment we got through the doors of his house…

You know. I’m talking about sex way too much. And I’m kind of worried that I’m getting too porno-graphic-y. While some might enjoy hearing about the exploits occurring between my thighs, it must be getting quite tedious for others. Plus, I don’t want to become a sex bore. So, I’ve decided that instead of talking about sex in detail, I’ll just put up a black box anytime it comes up. (No pun.)

Black Box = Sex

Got it?

Right, so Fife and I burst through the doors of the cottage…


When I woke up this morning I realised the reason I was hungry was because we forgot to eat last night.

Well, he’ll be back soon. Have a happy long weekend everyone.

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