Topics of the Day: Work and Fife

Topics of the day? First work, then Fife:


Loraine’s been scrambling today to sort out the Manchester situation. The Agency’s clients have a ‘get out’ clause in their contract, which states that if their agent leaves or takes a leave of absence (for whatever reason) the client has two weeks (from notification that his/her agent has left the Agency) to opt out of the contract. If they either state in writing that they want to stay on board or do nothing they remain a client of the Agency, and another agent takes that person on.

Also, Nonfiction author has sent me the revision of his synopsis. He was supposed to make changes based on my comments, and while he’s made some changes, he hasn’t done what I’ve asked. I’ve drafted a very polite email pointing out what needs to be changed and why. I’ll send that over this afternoon. I sincerely hope I don’t have another author on my hands who thinks that we’re trying to ‘stifle his creativity’. Why can’t authors just see that we (agents and editors) honestly have their best interests at heart? We’re trying to make their manuscript the best it can be so that it sells and they can then write more. Big sigh here.


I am so confused.

I mean B is totally right in her comment. I do this with nearly every guy I go out with. I fall into a relationship, I ignore all the bad stuff, then when it all goes to shit I’m devastated. The only person this didn’t happen with was HP. Then again, we never dated properly anyway.

And if I were looking in from the outside, then yeah, I’d completely agree with JodiSunshine and the million texts D has sent me saying, ‘Get out of that relationship’. But I’m not on the outside. I’m smack in the middle of everything, and until this whole ‘divorce’ situation (or lack there of), I was really, really, really happy with Fife.

Then there’s SkyddsDrake and Knotrune‘s comments. Yeah, amicable divorces are good. And if they’re happy with things this way, and it’s the best situation for the kids, then who am I to argue? Plus, he’s being honest with me. Or I think he is. I mean, when I was with TheBoy he did everything he could to keep me out of his life, which should have been a big warning sign. However, Fife has had me to his house, and I’ve met some friends in Perthshire. So, it doesn’t make sense that he’s lying. Although, I know Conspiracy and Saint, and if he were lying, they could blow his cover at anytime. Therefore, tactically, it wouldn’t make sense to lie. He could be busted too easily.

As for Knotrune’s comments about being a step mother. Holy shit! Haven’t thought about that. That’s just way too far down the line though. But I’m sure I’ll love his kids. They’re his kids, and if they’re anything like him, they’ll be pretty awesome. Plus, he’s never said anything about them to indicate they’d be anything less than cool. I know he’s their Dad, so he’ll see them in a better light than anyone else, but a lot of parents seem frazzled all the time, and Fife totally doesn’t, so I’m assuming that he has a good relationship with them. Oh, I don’t know. I know nothing about parenting or raising kids. They could be little monsters and hate me.

Oh, and there’s one more person’s advice I’ve gotten on the matter. LadyBohemia went out into the garden today. She had on her big red cape, but no hat. I hadn’t see her in ages, so I took her a cup of tea and we had a chat. She wasn’t looking too good today, and she said it was the weather. When the temperature isn’t consistent it makes her tired. She asked me about my ‘fella’, and I said that I’m quite conflicted. He’s still married, even though they’re separated. Then I added that because of the kids they still live together, and asked her what she thought of all that.

She said, ‘That was a big thing to do in the 60s and 70s, but I haven’t heard of any those sorts of relationships recently. Personally I could never share. But, It’s all swings and roundabouts.’

What ‘sorts of relationships’? Share? I had no idea what she was talking about, so I let the matter drop and I asked her what she’s painting today. Her answer, ‘Grass’.

So we’re all supposed to go out tonight (Pete, S, PoshPhD, CoolTrous and some other people), so that we can start celebrating Pete’s birthday the moment it strikes midnight. Yippie. Although, honestly, I could seriously use a night out, and it’s been a while since I’ve attempted to eradicate all my problems with alcohol. So, yeah, tonight should be good.


One response to “Topics of the Day: Work and Fife

  1. PS-While I was typing this Fife texted me: “I still haven’t heard from you. Please don’t let things end this way. My kids are back today, so I can’t see you this weekend. But I want to see you soon so we can talk.”

    I don’t want him to think we’ve finished with each other, so I texted back: “Okay. I’ll text you this weekend.”

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