A Manic Day

Work was so manic today. Everyone but me was at the London Book Fair, and while it’s been going smoothly, today everyone started having technical glitches. They had me forwarding book proposals, scanning documents and sending them over, answering emails, and checking on meeting times. Loraine went down on the Sleeper on Sunday night, and those already in London were there for the pre-fair festivities. Oh, plus, Manchester’s gone. He didn’t work his notice, which Loraine was happy about. Loraine figured that if he was going to go, there was no point in forcing him to stay and finish some projects, because if his heart wasn’t in it he wouldn’t do a good job. Plus, since it wasn’t an amicable split, I don’t think she wanted him hanging about. A bunch of his clients are going with him to his new agency, while several are staying with us. So, after the Fair, all the agents are going to divvy up what’s left of Manchester’s authors. Oh, and there’s a few that haven’t decided, so we’re waiting on that.

So, according to Loraine and Paris, the Fair was a success – with the exception of today’s technical glitches. Today is the last day, so I’m really looking forward to talking to Loraine on the phone to see how it all went. She’s not back up to Scotland until Monday, and I’m away to a Festival on Friday night, so it’s go, go, go, go at the Agency. Which I’m quite happy about because it’s keeping my mind off the home front drama.

Speaking of the home front, Fife is staying the night tomorrow night, and I’m kind of nervous. Which is absolutely ridiculous because we’ve already spent two weekends aways together. But I feel like Thursday night’s sleep over is more serious. Being in the cabin was like a special occasion, whereas staying at mine is a test for the everyday of our relationship. I’ll come home from work, he’ll come over, we’ll fix some dinner, and in the morning I have to go to work. Yeah, kind of first time we’ve been together in like a normal sort of way.

But even though it’s going to be a test for the everyday, I want it to be special and sexy. So, I went on my lunch break and got new sheets, several new big pillows for the lounge and some candles. And I went to M&S and got something decent to put into the oven for dinner and a bottle of red. Oh, and I also took a trip to La Senza for some sexy little underwear. Tomorrow after work, I’m coming straight home and I’m polishing, shaving, buffing and making sure that I’m tiny underwear ready.

Even though tomorrow night will be a test for the everyday of Fife and I’s relationship, I want it to be special. Right, off to bed now, need my beauty sleep for tomorrow.


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