I hope he gets here soon

I had hoped that Fife would be here by now, but he called at about 7pm and said he probably wouldn’t be here until the back of ten because Helen will be home later than anticipated. Serious bummer.

I’m waxed and polished and buffed and so ready to see him. I’ve watched two episodes of the Big Bang Theory and now I’m getting bored.

I guess I could blog about work while I wait.

The nonfiction author finally understood what I was suggesting with the chronology of his book, and he emailed the correctly rewritten synopsis today. Too bad he didn’t have it done for the London Book Fair though, because I think it would have received a good response.

Speaking of the Book Fair, I was hoping to talk to Loraine today about how it went, but she was busy so I never got to speak to her. I really hope she comes back with some sales. Right, I’m still bored and very hungry, but I’ll wait until he gets here to eat. I’m going to watch some more telly. God, I hope he gets here soon.


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