Single Occupancy Drama

I got home from work to find Fife and his car out front of my flat. There were tools everywhere and he was covered in grease. He wiped his hands on an old towel just as I walked up. He reached out to grab me, but I jumped away so he didn’t get any muck on my skirt. He said that the car started to make a noise on the way back over to the flat, he knew it was the flabertiwangiygook (or some such), so he stopped and got a part on the way and fixed it in front of my house. He held up the dirty greasy part, with the biggest grin on his face. He was like a kid. I asked why he didn’t just get a new car if this one was constantly breaking down, and he just said, ‘I love this old gal. Couldn’t possibly get rid of her.’

I thought we were to have left straight away from work, so despite being absolutely adorable and kind of sexy all covered in car gunk, I was also really annoyed that he wasn’t ready to go. Especially as I had gotten packed up when I came home for lunch. Fife said all he needed to do was change and shower; he’d be done in a flash.

In the bathroom he stripped down and begged me to come into the bath with him, but I argued that we had no time. Although, I must admit, it take a lot of restraning. After lots of mucking about, he was finally cleaned and in fresh clothes. The old dirty ones were left on the bathroom floor, I must remember to give those back to him when we’re back to Dundee.

We got into the hotel so much later than I had hoped, and checking in was quite the drama. So, I had a room booked for last night and Saturday night, and I’ve got the Agency credit card to pay for it. So, no biggie. Except that I only booked a single room, and with Fife standing there it was kind of obvious he was going to be staying with me. I thought that a ‘single occupancy’ just meant it was a smaller bed, and I didn’t mind us snuggling up. However, ‘single occupancy’ actually is about rates, but I didn’t know this. So, I said that we didn’t mind the smaller bed, which totally made me look like a pleb. Then when she said the rates were different, I thought that she meant it was more expensive, so I said I’d just pay the extra. And then Fife stepped in, and said that he’d pay the surcharge. Finally, after much confusion, the woman said that there was a surcharge for a single occupancy, but with a double occupancy it was cheaper. However, by the time she added on the extra breakfast it would be same. But, we could opt to not have the breakfast.

It was all way too confusing, and really, since it ended up being roughly the same price I don’t know why we had to go through all that. And during the confusion, I was so worried someone from the Festival would see us. Like I’ve said before, I’m not quite ready to announce to the literary world that we’re dating. I don’t know why, but I’m not. And to make things worse, we passed by the bar on the way to the lifts, and Fife spotted an author he knew.

He slipped into have a chat with him, but I just went on to the room. I was sure I’d start meeting enough people the following day, no need to introduce myself now. Fife knocked on the door about half an hour later, came in, and asked why I wandered off. I just said that I was a bit tired and not up for small talk – which was actually true. He dropped his bag and ran at me throwing me onto the bed.

I’m just now downstairs having my breakfast. I probably should have woken him up, but I wanted to get down here to see who else is around before heading over to the festival. (Plus I wanted to get a little blogging done.) Also, I’m sure he wakes up early every day with the kids, so I thought I’d let him have a bit of a lie-in.

I’m looking forward to a couple days of literature, authors and publishing. Should be fun.


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