Yes, he has a wife and a girlfriend

I left my room to find Fife and apologise, but as soon as the door to my room shut I realised that I didn’t know Fife’s room number. As I went to reception to enquire, I had to walk by the bar, and Fife was still in there, pint in hand talking to some woman.

I went in and saddled up next to him. He casually introduced me. She was a hotel guest who spotted him and was a bit of a fan.

She looked me up and down before saying, ‘This can’t be your wife?’ 

Why couldn’t I be his wife? I was kind of insulted. So, I said, ‘No. His girlfriend.’ 

The woman looked a bit stuck in the middle, then said, ‘Oh sorry. I just thought…well, the author bio on your publisher’s website says you live with your wife and two kids…’ 

Maybe I did still have a little of the drink in me because I said, ‘He does still live with his wife and two boys. But he’s also got a girlfriend. Me.’ 

The woman was now visibly uncomfortable, made her excuses, and left us for the night. 

‘Was that retribution?’ he asked.

‘Retribution for what?’ I questioned.

He thought that I made him look like a two-timing husband with a mistress, to get him back for telling FestivalDirector that we’d shared a hotel room on Friday night. Which was not my intention. Well maybe a little, but mostly I think I’m still a little nervous about him living with his wife and I was lashing out. Or maybe I’m just a jealous bitch who wanted to make  a Fife groupie uncomfortable.

I assured Fife that I was not seeking retribution, in fact I came looking for him because I wanted to apologise. But when I set out to look for him, I didn’t expect him to be sitting in the bar flirting with a groupie. 

He argued back by asking how he was supposed to react when I blatantly stated that I was ashamed of him. I then argued that I was not ashamed, but because I used to date my boss at MNM, I was worried that people would get the wrong idea. Fife was completely oblivious to the rumours about me, and he said I was talking nonsense. I stated that I over heard women talking about me in the bathroom, and that it wasn’t nonsense. People would think that I was just sleeping my way to the top. 

Fife laughed at this because, ‘You’re the agent and I’m the writer. If anyone is sleeping their way to the top, it would be me.’ 

This whole thing was ridiculous, he just didn’t understand. It wasn’t him that people were talking about, and if they were talking about him, they were probably giving him kudos on bagging a girl nearly twenty years his junior.

Actually, it wasn’t even that he didn’t understand. It was that he decided to be a child about it and chat up that woman, and act like a total twat when I tried to apologise. I mean, didn’t he understand that when I gave him my book to sign, it was a white flag? 

I’m absolutely fed-up. I can’t deal with a relationship full of drama. So, I left him sitting in the bar, and I’m back in my own bed. If he’s still acting like a child tomorrow, I’ll take the train home. I can’t deal with this.


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