His Secret Crush

I had dinner with at PoshPhD’s house tonight with CoolTrous. I was kind of worried they would be angry with me after meeting Fife. After all, I made a stink about Pete and Sarah, even though I was with someone else. I broached the subject, and told them that I wasn’t upset that Pete and Sarah were together; I was upset because I felt like they had used me. They were quiet, so I continued to explain. I said that it wasn’t even Pete I was mad at but Sarah, I felt like she used me for a place to live. I think she even kind of used Pete. They both said they understood, but they were going to stay out of it, and not take sides. Actually, that’s a relief, so I let the matter drop.

Also, I know I shouldn’t say this, but PoshPhD is kind of helping me use the internet for free. We live quite close to a University of Dundee building, and our respective flats can pick up the Uni’s wireless signal. As PoshPhD is a student, she has log-in access, which she’s given to me. The signal is kind of week so it doesn’t always work, but it’s nice to have it on occasion.

Right. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that as it sounds like I’m her mate for the free wireless, which simply isn’t the case. I just thought that if she took Pete and Sarah’s ‘side’, she might dob me in or something. Anyway, PoshPhD made a pot of veggie curry and we opened a few bottles of wine. I only had a glass and CoolTrous didn’t drink any, but PoshPhD went through two by herself, and she didn’t even seem drunk. Not a good sign.

She got up to get a third bottle, and while she was rummaging in his kitchen, CoolTrous showed me the bottle he’d stowed away in his bag. He put his finger to his lips and said in a whisper, ‘I don’t think she needs any more for tonight.’

He really does like her, or maybe he loves her. I don’t know, but he has some kind of secret crush, and she doesn’t see it. She wouldn’t flirt with other men in front of him if she knew how much he cared. It kind of reminds me of the early HarryPotter days, when we were new friends. In retrospect, I can see that he had major feelings for me back then, but at the time I just saw him as a mate. HarryPotter really was lovely to me. He let me cry on his shoulder, he did what he could to protect me when I needed it, all while being a best mate. I was an absolute fool to not realise how he felt about me, and it’s a shame that PoshPhD doesn’t see it in CoolTrous.

When she couldn’t find any more wine, PoshPhD suggested we go down to the offy. CoolTrous and I said that we were done drinking for the night. So, she proclaimed that she had some thesis work to do, and we should leave. Although, I’m sure if she’d found the other bottle, she would have been more than happy to have us there for the rest of the night. Or maybe she did have thesis work to do. The poor girl is being drug through the ringer with that thing.

CoolTrous left and I hung back for a second. I told her that I thought CoolTrous was a really great guy, and I thought they’d make a lovely couple.

‘Unlike you I can go for a week with out a man in my life…’

I cut her off with, ‘Never mind. It’s not important.’ Here I was trying to be nice, and she was acting like a total dick. So, I left her to be alone in thesis misery.

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